Witton Spennymoor

Suprised no one has been on yet to whinge!<br><br>1st half decent I thought shame we couldn’t have called it a draw at that. 2nd half v poor against a side who I thought looked nowt better than average. (how many times did they kick it out?)<br><br>Won’t dwell on it too much but we were too predictable, infact far too bloody predictable it was ridiculous. <br><br>I just hope Stanners and Connors are fit soon as we missed them as outlets today badly, something Baker did seem to offer hence I’m suprised he wasn’t used earlier. <br><br>That’ll do I think - did anyone use the instant update service?<br><br>

Well not the result I predicted after last week at Blyth. Maybe I should stick to predicting defeats for us; we seem to win or get a good draw then!<br><br>First half; didn’t see how we wouldn’t win it. Second half; did the pressure to win get too much?<br><br>There were a few excellently (is that a word??) worked free kicks but in the second half, originality seemed to disappear and we tried the same tic-tac over and over again.<br><br>Only worry is that with two injuries, the 14 were chosen for Gary. There were no other players to choose from so I think squad players are now needed to be signed on.<br><br>Off the Ossett then.

Instant update service very useful although I had to keep checking that it was working when the expected flurry of goals didn’t arrive.

:(Not a good a show at all, thought the mgr got the shape wrong ? 4,3,2,1 or at least thats how it looked 1 attacker at home !! and it showed, we never got in the box, how does simon burton get in what does he do for the team hes slow and unfit? but im not getting at him the mgr picks him, agree that baker looked pretty good when he came on but it was to late, same trouble as for last few years no partner for mike, and from the rumours at the ground we wont have him for long - oh joy, what will they be like without his efforts and goals ?<br>Play offs have gone now, id like us to now go out and try a few younger players for next season, drift them in and give them a go ? you never know we might unearth a gem or 2. :slight_smile:

Wasn’t impressed with the team selection or the tactics but obviously if it had worked then I’d be singing a different tune. We were our own worst enemies in the end again! Gave the ball away in a bad area for the first goal and a lack of communication cost us the second goal letting their player wander free in the box.<br><br> Would be more frustrated if I didn’t already think our season was over after losing to Prescot so roll on next year.

I’d like to think not. <br><br>Having missed the Prescot and Spennymoor games I think my impression of the changes under the new management is a positive one. The team is trying to play much more attacking football and the results will surely come. They might even come in time for us to make up some ground on those play-off positions as there are plenty of "six pointers" left. I also wonder whether we might see a few more changes to the squad as strengths and weaknesses are assessed? <br><br>Don’t forget there’s also the relative excitement :wink: of the Presidents and Mid-Cheshire Senior Cups…

I have heard from a reliable source that Mike Mossley will not be playing for Witton next season. The rumours about Vics are in part true. But I dont think he will go there. <br><br>Tis a sad day for football. Without him we will be in big trouble.

Until we hear officially Mike is leaving (and there is no official word out yet!) it is pointless speculating.<br><br>Mike will make the decision that is right for him in good time and rumour-mongering will have no effect.<br><br>(BTW - Mike - the right decision is to STAY!! ;D ;D ;D [smiley=3dbiggrin3.gif])

If mm decides that his future is not at the club, the so be it. Dont get me wrong i would much rather he stayed as i think he the best striker we have since Karl Thomas. There is always another player to come in. Didn’t we say the same thing when karl left,when Brendon Burke left. Along as doesnt go the green S**** then so be it.