Now the season has ended and just for a bit of fun and interest.<br><br>How many post war players and managers with links to the Albion have had the same initial for both their christian names and surnames.<br><br>How many can you name?

Well Derek you must be as bored as me! well the obvious one that springs to mind is Kevin kealan, on the same theame there have been 4 england captains since the war with the same initials (forename surname) anyone get them?

Brian Booth, Steve Smith, Darryl Dicken, Mike Moseley, Phil (Paul?) Power, Ray Ranson.

Steve Senior.<br><br>Mickey Mellon.<br><br>Gareth George.<br><br>

brendan batson

Brendan Burke?

For all you old uns<br><br>THE LEGEND THAT WAS<br><br>FRANK FIDLER

Arthur Albiston, Colin Caton, Chris Camden, Alf Ashby, to add to the list

Alf Ashley (or was that who Pritch meant) <br>Mickey Metcalfe (fans from the 1970’s may remember his toupee)!

The list I’ve come up with so far is as follows: <br><br>Alf Ashley, Alastair Anderson, Arthur Albiston, Brendan Burke, Brendon Batson, Bob Boulton, Brian Booth, Brian Bithell, Chris Camden, Colin Caton, Darrell Dicken, Frank Fidler, Franny Firth, Gareth George, Julian Jackson, Kevin Keelan, Mark McCarrick, Mick McGrath, Mike McKenzie, Micky Mellon, Mick Metcalfe, Marvin Molyneaux, Mike Moseley, Phil Power, Ray Ranson, Steve Senior and Steve Skeete.

Bevon Blackwood

Jac: Kevin Keegan, Mick Mills. I know the other two, but I won’t spoil it for other people, and I think I could make a case for a third! ;D

Bevon Blackwood. Mike McKenzie was very keen to sign him, yet when he got him he wouldn’t play him! Why was that?

Ally Anderson?<br>Turned up some years later keeping goal for Aerostructures in the Wessex League-one of my local teams at the time. If he’d recognised me behind the goal I’m sure he would have thought he had some sort of psycho non-league stalker! ::slight_smile:

Well done Mike you got the two easier ones, wonder if anyone can think of others??

mike t . Bevan blackwood never got his chance because dave maynard was mike mckenzie’s best mate.

Jac: one of the other two managers you were after, Walter Winterbottom.

Captains Derek…

What about Paul Power? Ok didn’t play but certainly took a few sessions with Ranson at the start of his ‘association’ with witton.

Stan Smith <br><br>