witton v boston

one nil to the albion paul booth on eleven minutes


Witton Albion 1-0 Boston United

A Booth header from a corner.

Witton Team:

Oliver James




Witton Albion 1-0 Boston United

just managed to get to the pc to see the score( working again :frowning: )
so far so good … !


Witton Albion 1-1 Boston United


Witton Albion 1-2 Boston United


Witton Albion 1-2 Boston United

A better display in patches, but i didnt know we had signed Calamity James from Portsmouth

Two more sloppy goals given away again today - the first by the keeper ( similar type goal on at least 3 occasions this season ) - if we can’t hold on to leads especially at home then we have no chance of survival.
We only created one chance 2nd half and never looked like getting anything from the game after Bostons second goal. Wins at Cammel Lairds and at home to Bradford are crucial now if we are to get out of bottom spot. A stronger referee today would have given us a 11 versus 10 situation but even that would probably not have been enough.
All in all a very poor day and another crap weekend for us supporters.

Losing is becoming a very bad habit.
Worse still we surrender a lead.
If we can’t win we’ve got to start at least drawing.
Four teams above us, (and therefore fellow relegation candidates) have all drawn 7 games, we’ve drawn only 2.
Yet another disastrous goal from a hopeful ball wide on the wing.
We didn’t create enough chances.
Time is running out.

We can’t blame the ref for the result although 11 vs 10 (as it should have been) might have made a difference.
However, that referee has been to Witton several times and, without exception, has proved himself to be an inept, spineless, ineffectual
waste of space.
I’m sure his Mother loves him but she’s got a lot to answer for.

All very valid points, but I thought we played some really good football at times today, the midfield I thought looked a lot better than certainly I have seen this season, better finishing in the first half there would have been no coming back for them, much better display. I personally didnt think they were a bad team, they played the ball about very well, as for 10 V 11 the linesman made the ref mind up on that one and he hadnt seen a f##kin thing all afternoon. Dont know what Greg was thinking for the first goal, ( still in my eyes a great keeper). I know time is running out, but chinks of light are starting to show through the clouds. Very poor turnout from the fans today.


PS Is this the second almost full new team we have seen this season, No complaints though. Glad we dont print name on shirts from the supporters shop.

Spot on Stuart. I agree with every word.

Those of us who were there did our best to get behind the team. I’ve said it before; I don’t start the chants but I’ll do my best to join in!

What woz up with Blackie at half time? was he injured, or was it tactical? I would have loved to see MM (god) and Thomo have a full game together, no disrespect to Blackie. Any news on Mike extending his loan ?
Great vocal support today.
I am sure many wittoners would poss disagree with my next statement, but I thought we were by far the better team today. NO I`M not going to mention the officials again they are not worthy of a mention on such hallowed ground.


Why has’nt Thomo been starting? him and black looked very dangerous away at BPA, is he just out of favor? i heard roumors someone had put seven days on him? hope he stays… weve made some good signigs so far, what i have seen of the number 5 looks good and he is chipping in with goals and the young lad wearing 8 from fleetwood is decent also! i know we have another brand new team but i think we still need a couple new signings to bolster the squad!

Lee was injured, and didn’t travel to Ikleston, and didn’t train on Thursday, so I suppose that is why he didn’t start the game against Boston.

Neil Black was injured in the 1st half, so was substituted by Mike Moseley, who was himself recovering from a calf injury sustained in the 2nd half against Ikleston.

It is true to say that the Physio and the Doctor are being kept very busy at the moment, and I know of several players who are carrying injuries at the moment, and are playing through the pain barrier.