witton v congleton

hi guys (and girls) i was just wondering are we playing u in the final or congleton.

We’ll be playing you in the final as Witton ran out 4 - 0 winners tonight. <br><br>Goals from Burton / Carden / Yates / Moseley all in the second half.

Team:<br><br>Gibson<br>Evans<br>Nolan<br>furnival<br>Webster<br>Carden<br>Dicken<br>Barlow<br>Kevan<br>Yates<br>Burton<br><br>subs:<br>Moseley for Yates<br>Foy for Kevan<br>Salt for Webster<br>(think thats right)<br><br>A pretty convincing victory, 4-0, with goals from those mentioned above.<br><br>Dont want to go into all the details here, but we seemed to dominate the game, especially the 2nd half - I don’t remember Gibbo really making a save as such, apart from a dodgy back header in the 1st half.<br>the 3rd & 4th goals had a hint of dubious offsideness about them but after the CSC final incident…<br><br>Also good to see some different players given the chance to impress - Carden certainly did and was awarded the sponsors MOM after the game.<br><br>Finally a gate of 196, not bad I thought, credit to Congleton for bringing a fair few, 40ish I’d say. Well beats 136 anyday!<br>Has anyone got a spare wooden spoon for the final? [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Have to agree that you deserved it, although we’d have been more than annoyed if the "dodgy" two goals at the end had decided the match. Still, our defending was poor, a lot of us missed your first goal as we were still at the tea hut!<br><br>Still, it gives you a game against them people in green, should be interesting :D<br><br>Good luck for the UniBond Premier 8)

ADAM CARDEN.<br><br> I thought he was MOM by a mile. Not that everyone else didn’t play well but he was a real threat down the wing and created a few shooting chances for himself. Scored one and had a fair chance of scoring again if he hadn’t been brought down by their defenders for the penalty.