Witton V Man City XI

With respect to the forthcoming pre-season friendly this week, what sort of squad are Witton expecting to face?

With Sven still wheeling and dealing in the transfer market, proximity of the start of the Premiership, the quality of the Witton’s playing surface (normally one of the better surfaces in our league) do we anticiapte seeing some Premiership players at Wincham Park?

Hopefully given the potential quality of the Man City XI it will further spur on the Witton players and give the management duo some idea of the starting eleven for the away trip to Lincoln.

Could be interesting, Sven admitting publically he still hasn’t seen some of his players actually play yet and the season fast approaching it could be his last chance to have a look at a couple.

Given the amount of new signings at MCFC (and the rumour that Sven has yet to see some of them play), then there is a chance we may see one of two big players and who knows maybe even the Swede himself!

good luck for the start of the season will miss it as going on hols tomoz come on witton!!! ;D

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The kick-off is 7.30pm, not 7.45pm.