Witton v Matlock

Play off semi final! This will be the 3rd time this season we will have played Matlock and we have taken 4 points off them in the league proper! This being an away draw and a dramatic one nil home win! Lets get this result and then make saturday a day to remember! Neil i am available to do updates if needed! Come on Witton!

Will be in touch Scad - cheers

Any help needed on the night or next Saturday? I am an expert on the turnsile now, well the pensioners one anyway.

From speaking to Julie last night WHS I think just the normal 3 Lostock end turnstiles will be open on Tuesday.
Should we be at home on Saturday depending upon who we play help may be required.

Nice day out today no excuses for not getting down to Wincham tonight and getting behind the lads, lets spread the word and get as many as we can down to cheer the lads on they deserve it ;D

Tonight’s game by the way is an all-pay situation - season tickets will not apply.


come one witton, lets have a win tonight !!! :slight_smile:

Sorry I won’t be there, for a variety of reasons, but my phone is on and big brother Lowe has learned how to send texts especially for the occasion.


The Birmingham Albs

P.S. That is from everyone here in my block at Baverstock School because I have promised them champagne on Monday WHEN Witton get promoted!

It’s a massive game tonight we really need the lads to stand up and be counted. I think if Rod Thornley plays on the right it might give us an extra dimension and freshen us up a bit.
Also I would start with Mike Moseley up front as he is bound to be desperate to make up for his miss on saturday and I have a sneaky feeling he may end up the hero!
Also I have to say that Kearny MUST start tonight ahead of Spearit, we need a really strong defence if we are going to go and attack Matlock which we have to do as we can’t just sit back and play for a draw, lets really have a go and get them under some early pressure.
Lloyd was awesome on Saturday and if we can get the ball to him as much as possible he will rip them apart! I think we have to go in this game feeling confident and do a proffesional job!


Nick how can you possably think of dropping spearet for tonight he hasnt done hardly anything wrong all season. and Kearny is young and wont have much experiance. Come on witton start with the team that we had on saturday you cant say anyone wernt trying they were all playing 100percent ;D ;D COME ON WITTON

No nothing against Spearitt, he’s done well for us this season but I rate Kearny as a better DEFENDER where as I think Spearit’s quality’s lie going forward.
I am led to believe that Rod Thornley will be making his debut on the right wing tonight, therefore I think we need a strong defender to cover him as he is a very attack minded player.

I don’t buy into this theory of lack of age and experience being a barrier, if your good enough, your old enough. Also Kearny will be metally and physically fresh having not played and entire season with us.

As well as this it’s generally the more experienced players who have poor games in these situations because they have a fear of failure from losing a cup final in the past for example for a younger player it’s often the case that they have never had to go through this so play with more freedom and have less fear.
Sorry sounded a bit like my old Sport Psychology lecturer then! You get the point though

I think Kearney will play anyway as Barras is injured I believe. I get your point Nick but would not agree with dropping Spearitt for anyone in defence at the moment, plus he is the team captain. As I say I think Tony’s injury means that Kearney will play anyway.

As for Rod Thornley, he has a good pedigree but again I think you have to select from players that have had more time playing together. I would start with Griff again as he works his heart out and I agree that Moseley might just be on for reversing his fortunes!!

Looks like being a good game!!!

You don’t drop your skipper for the biggest game of the season. Think we’ll possibly stick with the same back 4 as Saturday, if anyone misses out it’s likely to be Hockenhull but to be fair he had a really good game on Sat.

I think Super Mike deserves his chance tonight to make up for his miss on Saturday, and to be fair if we go on current performances then i think he should of started the last 2 games in place of Warlow anyway.

Super, super Mike, super, super Mike, super, super Mike, super Michael Moseley.

Form is temporary, class is permanent.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.

I thank you.

I saw an old pal of mine 48 hours ago and I was shocked when he mentioned to me that he had seen the white Pele…


Any news on the team?


Kennedy; Hockenhull, Brownhill, Pritchard, Kearney; Clegg, Brown, Lloyd, Gaghan; Warlow, Jones

Subs: Moseley, Mark Jones, Farquahson

This is it boys! Sorry about late posting! Only just been able to get to a computer! am here for the rest of the game so dont worry! Come on Witton!

1-0 witton



Get in! That boy Ian Kearney that people were debatin whether or not he should start! Hes earnt his place in the starting line up now hasnt he! Keep it up boys! This is exactly the start we needed! Come on Witton!

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