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2-2 4-2 on pens.<br><br>What a thoroughly enjoyable win. Well done to all the lads. I thought the Wittons shape, application level, concentration and fitness were first class.<br>The whole team played well and worth 7/8 out of 10 but John Kennedy looks a great signing. Ian Lathom was for me outstanding and full of energy. Mike Mosely continues to justify the clubs faith in him. If he gets the service he should score 30 goals. Liam Maguire is also worth a mention for his industry in midfield.<br>I was little bit disappointed in Vics as I thought they would win comfortably. I think they counter attacked very well when we were tired :wink: but the final ball was lacking and their forwards were pretty well shackled.<br><br>Good luck to everyone in the first team squad. Its an excellent start!<br><br>I brought some friends to the game and they were well excited The Witton under 9’s infront of me also certainly got into the games despite it finishing at 10:20pm<br><br>I supposed its a bit early for most Wittoners to post messages yet but I’m looking forward to plenty of positives especially from the anonymous coward who criticised Tom Spearritt before a competitive ball was kicked!!

Spot on Hughessy, my head is a little sore this morning from the Guinness I celebrated with!! a great performance from all and there can be no argument that the best team won on the night all the new signings looked good to me John Kennedy especially, also like to mention Andy Lee I was very impressed with him when you think that Pritch, Connors, stanners, Foy, Lally were all missing from the team last night I would say the manager is going to have a very nice headache picking his best team. Well done to all !!

Indeed a very enjoyable game. Hope it’s not going to be another nailbiting season though with those missed chances (inc the penalty).<br>Excellent opener by MM and a very good header by Tom Spearritt.<br>Did well in the tea hut etc but these Vics fans must realise that if Chips are ?1 then they are ?1 - they can’t expect them for 30p in the ?.<br><br>Back to the game and my MOM was Danny Byrne - thought his work rate was excellent. Also thought Andy Syder did well when he came on.<br><br>And for those who had gone home early - we even had a zigger zagger in the Club. Now doesn’t that take you back…<br><br>GE<br>

I forgot to mention Andy Lee because he missed the pen in normal time but he surely had some bottle to convert one later. [smiley=cheezy.gif]<br><br>

Absolutley fantastic - wasn’t expecting that after the side we had out on Saturday!<br><br>Credit to all on a great display and a bit of support from the fans too give what seemed to be a low turnout.<br>My confidence for the Farsley game has gone sky high now!<br><br>

Great result lads well done.<br><br>Nice to see we tried to make a game of it by letting them off with the penalty and then let them take the lead in extra time, just so Tom could really P them off by pulling it back in the last minute of extra time. real roy of the rovers stuff.<br><br>Great saves in the shoot out by Johnny K.<br><br>Was that the miss of the century for the first attempt at their second goal.<br><br>good value for money and I can see us doing well this season, whereas the other lot well possibly mid table! ;D

It was great to see such a great win from the lads just before we came to Italy. Spent three days in Venice and all we could talk about was the match. Tom Spearitt will be a mainstay in the team this year. Lets hope we can play like that in league games! <br>Bring on Farsley.