Witton v Runcorn predictions

No one managed to guess the 3-0 at Farsley, better luck with this one …

Well I said 1-0 to us for Farsley, so I will go 2-0 to teh albion and hope I have the same effect ;D

3-1 to the Albion, Moseley, Byrne and Lee.<br>Att: 312

2 - 0 to the albion, Moseley and Jones att 325

2-1 Witton.<br><br>Lee and Moseley.<br><br>Att - 299

2-1 Witton Byrne & Moseley Att 230 ::slight_smile:

Happy to be wrong on both counts ;D No one could have predicted how dirty there No 3 was going to be tho!