Witton V Telford (Thanks)

What a change to go to a very freindly club only moan i have is i could not get programmes at 1:30pm as i sell these in our club shop good luck for the future you deserve to be with us in conference north

Not again :o

Can we please sort this out? We’re being too cautious here with the print run and it’s a bit of an embarrassment. I’ve already offered to look round for a better printing deal and I’m happy to do this. For £2 we haven’t had an especially good programme this year, although it’s been an achievement enough to get one unless you’re in the bar fairly early.

It was announced in the Matlock Programme that we have a new editor for next season, I’m sure as much help as possible would be welcomed to take the programme back up to the high standards that we have had before (no disrepect to Mark who I know put many hours into the last two seasons) My first suggestion would be how about trying to get a programme sponsor to help cover costs and maybe allow extra to be printed, say £20 to £30 a match might be a chance for a few that can’t afford the higher sponsorships of match or ball…

In a little bit of defence given the deadlines are usually Thursday morning for a Saturday and we didn’t know until around 10.10pm on Tuesday night that we had a game on the Saturday or who we’d be playing - it wasn’t that bad!

No real criticism of the content intended. :wink: Much more a problem with the really low print run, and I think the overall "look" of the programme. There are specialist companies out there dealing in high quality digital printing - look at Radcliffe Borough’s programme as an example - who could surely turn out an impressive end product, whilst (especially if we kept the £2 cover price) generating a decent return for the club.

Of course I didn’t know about the new editor because I arrived at the Matlock game just prior to kick-off time (which, believe me, was impressive in the circumstances) and, as is frustratingly usual these days, missed out on a programme.

Suffice to say this is a particular interest of mine and I’m interested in helping out.

i personally think the programmes this year have been great! no need for change, also i have managed to get one at every game?? keep up the good work!

To be honest I have really enjoyed the programme this year I thought Chad’s article in the Frickley programme as regards the guy who played for us in the 1920’s before playing for Portsmouth and England was one of the best articles I had read this year. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

I do agree that perhaps we need to print a few more because I have never been able to get one after 2.15 maybe if we put the price up to £2.50 it would make it more cost effective.

Don’t get me started on this subject again! Our programme could be a lot lot better, we have played smaller clubs with lower weekly gates who manage to produce a better programme than us. I am not been critical of the effort put in by people but believe that the content (features) and design (look and layout) could be dramatically approved. I suggested sponsorships, fans features (away day reviews), player features (profiles), plus the idea of programme subscription (that would mean that if you really wanted a programme you would have a guaranteed copy every game and that the club would be able to estimate the print run better)!


Some excellent points there Rabbit. I think this is the sort of thing we should be looking at. I rarely buy a program because i find very little in it worth reading. The things that interest me are player interviews, or features on the latest away day etc. For next season we could even incorporate ‘Moseley Watch’!!