Witton vs Shepshed Saturday 14th August 3pm

Usual reminder, last friendly, 3pm at Wincham park. Usual £5, & £3 prices unless you have your promotional Wittoner voucher.
Dont forget the fans forum after the match too…

Best of luck to the lads,; hopefully the “Wittoner” will bring in a few more fans so it is important the team put on a good performance for them. I have lost track of how many times in the past few years we have had a big gate for one reason or another and the team have failed to perform, let’s hope that is not the case today, (and next week) we need a good start so we can “push on” to better things.

PLease lets see the best 11 we can put out barring injuries ? They need to play together before next week surely, I would like to see us play the best team for at least an hour if not 70 minutes then try upto 3 subs any more and you will learn nothing new imo, but ill shout them on whoever plays.


C.J. Have faith in Mr. Ogden, he should know what he is doing, he has been around a long time. However, I do agree he should play the “First team” today.

WHS I have faith in Oggie like what ive seen so far, just my opinion if he chooses to see it differently then thats fine as well, he will have his own ideas as he should.

I agree CJ, it is his call.
PS What was the result?

Witton Albion 2 Shepshed Dynamoes 1

Considering we only took 1 point off them last year, a great result.

Our keeper was only troubled once, and they scored from it. We totally dominated first half, but the game was more even second half when their tackles started to bite. With a stronger referee, I think we could have had a couple of penalties, and they could have easily finished with 10 men or less.

I must mention our 2nd goal scored by Matt Woods (I think that’s his names), the new young left back. A contender for goal of the season. An over hit through ball down the left channel was made in to a brilliant ball by Matt’s pace, who got there just before the keeper, and very calmly and cleverly soft volleyed the ball over the keeper.

The meeting with management and the players after the game was thoroughly good fun, and I think we all left knowing the players a bit better.

Importantly, it felt that the players, the management, the board and the supporters were part of one team , going in the right direction

After having a go at the young lad the other day I am delighted he showed his class yesterday, I never doubted his ability, just his effort on an isolated occasion. Great result, was it what one would call a “First team”?

It was getting close to the ‘first team’, but I believe that some players that had slight knocks were not used, just as a precaution.

I believe most of the players went on to Knutsford after the meeting, and stayed the night. No harm in this, as it can help the team bonding. I believe Oggie went with them!

A decent win, look good at back will be better with hoult at right back and maybe ben harrison at centre half ? midfield did ok without macca but will be much stronger with him, my only concern would be as ever scoring goals from the strikers, kinsey is good at holding play smith can finish but to be honest cant see either scoring 20+ goals this sesson, frosy went off injured after coming on as a sub and Josh hancock has not yet delivered as we had hoped, heard dean canning had gone ? geat gaol by Wood super pace and touch-very classy goal lets hope we can gel and the strikers deliver the goals or we might bstruggle to finish teams off ?

I don’t think that the starting 11 will be too far away from the starting 11 on Saturday, notable exceptions would be at right back, haven’t got used to all the names yet but the young lad thats been playing there I think would probably play if fit, Macca must start in midfield, then you have Young Ben or BIGBEN as he should be called putting pressure on both Kearns and Pritch. The blonde lad (Callum) looked pretty useful in the first half and maybe him and Woods on the left can cause some problems. Heler looks like he is in good form, I agree the goals at the moment look like they may have to come from midfield a bit this year but with Macca, Heler, Frosty (when fit) Hancock etc I think we could spread the goals about a bit this season which is no bad thing rather than relying on one player to do it all. I think Kinsey will set up more than he scores but he is a good free kick taker and can take a pen plus Smith goals will come, the type of player that will go on a role and score a lot all at once,I predict a couple of hatricks for him this year and a few games when he dosen’t get a shot in lol.

A word on the forum after, very very good lots of laughs and generally the best spirit about the club I’ve known for a very long time. Am I happy - Very, A top ten finish on our small budget will be good, but I believe we might even sneak into the top 5 heres hoping.

Is there any possibility we might get “Super Michael Mosely” back this season? If there is I have no doubt he will “cure” our our problem of scoring goals. I honestly think that a top 5 finish is likely, not a possibility, in fact I can see us being in with a shout at the end of the season to go up as champions. We look hard to beat and that is a great place to start when trying to win a league.