wittons willy

was just a thought but why not bring back wittons willy
i believe haveing a mascot will up the atmosphere at witton
it helps the atmospere at teams like gateshead
and i would be more than happy be wittons willy

I think thats a great idea. He could make guest appearences at Kiddies birthday parties!!! I’d be pleased to help with that.

so how would i go about trying bring back wittons willy
any one any ideas

ask either jimmy powell or me,(goalden goal), they were the lst ones i saw with willie. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

The last time i saw "Willys Head" was in the Museum, It looked a bit worse for wear,But he is as old as Pritch! before i sired Willy i looked into adoption and it would have cost almost £1000, could be offset by a sponsor having their name on the back of his shirt? I think we even had Chad play "little willy" by the Sweet when Willy led the teams onto the pitch, they were gay days indeed,
Ill leave that thought with you

I think Witton Willy should remain where he is and continue enjoying his retirement.
we are on the brink of becoming a major force in nonleague footie so should have a new mascot with Cajones[without actually displaying them openly !!]Witton willy now is a nice quiet old man and I don’t think he will be up to rigours of modern day football scene.
I say like ram,bull,stag,rhino bald eagle or whatever.
What say you folks? Any thoughts???

maybe a new mascot wouldnt be all that bad of an idea.
something special though and not some thing common like the gateshead goat or the telford ram.
im out of ideas of what it could be though ???

Something that you can run quickly in then you can enter the anual mascot race that is shown on football focus every year!

What about a Cockeral? seeing as we were founded in the Cock Hotel?

or even a Salt Miner seeing as we have 2 salt picks in our club badge!

From A Willy to a Cock??!! :smiley: :smiley:

as im very intrested in the mascot buisness lets get everyones ideas on here.
ideas for mascots any one

Or even a Alligator seeing as our ground is seen as a ‘swamp’ in some quarters! :smiley:

as i am a Leo and love jungle cats my vote is for the king of the jungle. No not Tuffers but lion with a regal head.

Imagine :-
Witton lion ,just majestic!!!

i no talking about a new mascot an all.
but whats the chance of this happinen.
how do we go about the new mascot biusness who do we approuch

A Wincham Rabbit?

i think the salt miner idea is a gud un with the history of salt in the town and the salt picks on the club badge and you would be able tpo run quick in it too!

Why dont you call the CheshireFM phone-in, it could be tonights important topic? lol, or maybe start a competition to design one?