Witton's worst player

Just to follow on a recent post regarding who was our greatest ever player. I would like to find who we think was our worst ever player. Your starter for ten is Dave Maynard, Billy Garton, Neil McNab, Mark Galye, Darly Carty and last but no means least Neil Hall.

Drew Brand :cry:

Dont agree in humiliating players, but i will just say Adam Lillis :o

Mike Garrity<br>Andy McDonald<br>Peter Crane<br><br>We could have a midfield that’s so good!!!<br>

What about Bevin Blackwood under Mike McKensie? In fact the whole Mike McKensie team was pritty god awful!<br>Other than that Neil Critchley, Mark Wilde, Joey Dunn, Stuart Leicester

Alex Kevan to add to that list!

Peter Mellor pony tailed midfielder, and anyone remember the legendary penalty taker Billy Hughes?

In reply to Nick Lyon we did have bad team under under mckenzie but players like gary thomas, cec edey, harvey cunningham and dean pritchard were quality players. Pity the players around them were not good enough for the required level