Woodley Sports v Witton Albion Tues 28th Sept

Managerless Woodley up next. Only the the plastic pitch can stop us carrying on this great run. We have the skilful players to adapt and we have probably been doing some training on a similar type pitch ?
Another win will give us even more confidence for the must win Trophy game coming up !

Unable to be there but will be tuned in to Thomas’s efficent updates.

Zigga Zagga

Sorry about posting, but is there a bus going and are there any seats left? If the answer to both questions is “Yes” can I have one?

Sorry Alan no Bus. cars only for this one

No Josh Hancock either - gone to Leek Town !

To be fair, he hasn’t made an impact in any of the games he has played. Still young enough to come again, but for now i dont think we will miss him.

Very difficult away match due to the plastic.Do not be surprised if our good run ends.We cannot win every match.

We now have the squad to put in a streetwise performance against Woodley.

Stott is full of confidence,the captain is playing a captains game and if young Ben continues to progress then Sir Alex will be paying a visit.

It is a shame Josh has moved on but it just shows how the squad has evolved in a short space of time.

The romantic in me still prevails,local talent at almost any cost.

“The romantic in me still prevails,local talent at almost any cost.”

Is this a football based reference?

Does anyone know which kit we will be wearing tonight?

Woodley’s home kit it red and blue stripes, so I would have thought that rules out both of our current kits, although our red stripes are much brighter than theirs.

Will we be wearing our home kit, or will we be trotting out in one of the old yellow kits?

We’re playing in skins.

I believe we are playing in red/white shirts, white shorts and red socks. We could not use the yellow strip due to the fact of the sponsors labels on them (unibond etc)