Available from Thursday onwards, <br>pick an envelope containing a team ?10 a go<br><br> Winner ? 100<br> R-up ?50<br><br>Available from Andy Lomas, Jimmy Powell or the office at the ground.

Andy I have been down to the club tonight to buy some tickets for the World Cup Draw, how are we going to raise money when we have no meeting place ? [smiley=ranting.gif]<br>The social club is not now opening on a Thursday until Pre-season training ? ???<br>I find this hard to believe, when the club want funds for players [smiley=nono.gif]

I still can’t get hold of any tickets for the draw, nobody at the club ??

When does pre-season start?<br>ie when will someone be around on a Thursday night?

last I heard was that preseason training starts on 24 june ? a saturday ? if I remember we started on saturdays last year, so id guess the club will start opening on the next thursday 29th june ? only my thoughts dont take it as gospel im sure Graham will be able to confirm