Worst performance ever in a Witton shirt..........

… i was down moss farm watching a few of my mates in the 1st round of the Chairmans Cup in 7’s, when i turned round and there it was! the worst performance in Witton shirt, by no other than a side called PNP Albion (whatever the fuck PNP is?) it was unbelievable i havent seen such a shower of shit in a Witton shirt since the later days of Bennie Phillips, they didnt have a clue it was comical! not sure which division they play in but if you see this team approaching you "SHOOT ON SITE!"

They only lost in extra time. Shame you didn’t see the best performance in a Witton shirt.<br><br> Friday night when Choice Interiors won 8-0.

jonny amery you pratt!!

Does anybody remember losing to Preston at Deepdale on the plastic pitch in the FA Cup. Lee Coathup had the worst game i’ve ever seen anyone have in a witton shirt that day.

Having had the dubious privilege of trying to play football on the plastic pitch at Deepdale, I wouldn’t be too hard on Lee Coathup… ;D

If my memory serves me correctly i would have been 6 maybe 7 ??? when we played Preston but i do remember the game not much of what went on though as i was abit young to understand what was going on, if memory serves me right did Karl Thomas score?<br><br>Oh and in reference to PNP Albion man, u lot r shite! [smiley=banane.gif]

as a member on pnp albion i feel it is my duty to defend the lads, when the said game took place i was on holiday in tenerife with 3 other pnp first team players, so to say we were understrength would be an understatement<br><br>as i didnt see the game i couldnt comment opn the performance but as we did only lose in extra time it cant of been that dire, plus we won 2-0 at the weekend<br><br>if you fancy coming to watch us again feel free jonny, plus wen was the last time you saw a match with anyone wearing a witton shirt bar the game u mention? oh yeah, and ur a twat

You won at the weekend that explains alot, what are you div 5 or 6? oh believe me extra time or not you were dire, you had one player who actually knew how to play football and shouldnt be playing at such a poor side, Ben Palmer! as for the rest well i wouldnt like to dent there confidence :o i wud come down an watch you but i have 11 a side commitments on a Sunday, shame that :wink:

Its great to see Johnny giving shit, why dont you come and play fo PNP - not that I do anymore. Lets see what you are like at the not so beautiful game and see if you have any right to criticise everyone like you do.<br>But simmo to be fair - Andy Williams is a shithouse

IF Ben was the only one who knew what he was doing how come he wasn’t the one the beat 2 defenders before scoring PNP’s goal. You have to know what your doing to do that.