www.wittonalbion.com website updates

Another busy weekend of website updates on the new official site.

A match preview for the Fleetwood Town game is now online

We’ve been busy on Facebook adding lots of Wittoners’ pictures from games and social events, access our Facebook page through the website link.

The 2009/10 Fixtures are all online (as well as FA Cup and FA Trophy rounds). (County cup dates to be added.)

There is a new poll on the home page, please cast your votes during the coming week.

Update on technical issues;

Work is underway to reduce the site load time, this has already been improved on by 20-30% from last week due to some graphical and code layout changes.

As of Thursday last week there were 48 total outstanding issues for resolution on our technical/content snag list, 8 of these have now been completed. The objective is to have all these completed before the first league game kicks off!

The final push is underway to complete the official website. There are still issues of download speed and other snags to be worked on. A video player (that features on the official Unibond website) will also be included on the official site in due course.

Is anyone experiencing problems with the dropdown menus? I have had a couple of reports that the menus are ‘getting stuck’ and not dropping down the full length on other pages than the home page?

This would appear to be an issue in IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) browser or older. For reasons of security and to benefit from the full functionality of our site and others it is recommended that IE7 and above are used. Latest versions of browsers are available as free downloads.

The new site is being tested on IE7, IE8, Firefox 3.x and Safari (where the above menu issue is not a problem). Further browser developments such as Google Chrome will also be checked as they become necessary.

If you have any problems with the new site then please post them on the forum so that we are aware of these and can take a look at fixing any major problems.

Complaint - The weather has been “sh1te” since it has been forecast on the website !

Complaint - The weather has been “sh1te” since 1976!


I see the neighbours are copying us!

Just found on their forum;

[color=#0000FF][i]Hello Twits,

I’ve just set up an account: NorthwichVics on Twitter

You don’t need a Twitter account to read the tweets, just visit this link:


During the season I’ll look to tweet updates from matches - those that I’m at anyway! If there are any other active tweeters out there, then please feel free to contribute too!! [/i][/color]

Good job they are “twits” and not “tweets”
Scums, Twits!
What next ?:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: