What has just happened in Las Vegas brings our small troubles into perspective. It is weird, I have never met an American I did not like but as a nation, they are totally barmy! How they can justify any member of the general public owning automatic or semi-automatic weapons is beyond me. 30, 000 Yanks are killed every year by guns and yet they still insist on their right to own them.
Best of luck tonight lads, one thing is for sure you are unlikely to be shot regardless of the result.

They want to keep it as its part of the US constitution ! just mad, even if they brought in restrictions on the type of gun it would be half sensible but for one man to kill nearly 60 and injure 500 that is the stats from a small war fgs, it wont change while this idiot is in the Whitehouse and other prospective presidents are just too scared of losing votes from the gun lobby. I would not live there for all the money in the world.

I can understand how you feel but having been there at least six times I have to say I loved it. Their gun laws are crazy but require a two-thirds majority from the States to get them changed and States like Wyoming, Washington, South Dakota, North Dakota etc will never agree as they live in the wilds still.