Yesterdays Gate

No doubt WP was bulging at the seems yesterday!! 242- pathetic Hippo, no doubt Lincoln brought around a couple of dozen aswell. Even at our lowest ebb last season when we were rooted at the bottom we mustered 450 of our own fans and that playing ‘away’.If you can’t manage 250 of your own support in your 2nd home game then god help you, come the spring you could be down to 150, it’s time to wrap up and accept youre nothing hippo,totally insignificant and going nowhere.

Behind the Linoln goal was the square root of 1. Im not even sure if he was one of their fans or just someone who wanted to keep Gibbo company. When you were mustering 450 at least 40 everytime were away fans. We might not be flying up the leagues but we are getting there. A lot of fans stayed away after Monday nights result but will be back if we can get a result on Monday night.<br><br> Try building the VS in this decade and you might actually avoid liquidation. <br><br> 0 points from the next 2 games eh JGG?

Alot of fans stayed away after mondays defeat!!! think you mean a couple of dozen stayed away as there were only around 260 wittoners against Leek (according to neil who confirmed Leek were well supported). In any event some fans they are!! one defeat!!<br> I also said there were 450 of our OWN fans last season at our lowest ebb and that only happened on 3 occasions when we were watched by less than 500.<br> You also can’t kid me into thinking that Lincoln only brought 1 fan on saturday, are you saying that only the players and manager turned up from Lincoln, what about the officials (eg chairman) sitting in the stand. Bottom line is that wittoners totalled less than 230 on saturday, patheticccccccccccccccccccccccccccc.<br>

What’s your point Jolly Green Giant? You’re just stating obvious facts - Northwich have been the ‘major’ and better supported team in town for a good while now. No one is disputing those facts. I’ve been a Wittoner for over 30 years and am well aware of the ups and downs during that period.<br><br>I don’t mind people coming on this board and making interesting observations, but when you come on and stupidly state what everyone is aware of, then it’s time for you to clear off.<br><br>Witton are managing themselves well financially, are slowly trying to make a better team, and hope to climb through the leagues over a period of time. If they do (no one’s claiming it’s a foregone conclusion are they?) then the crowds will come back.<br><br>Witton had 250 - Northwich had 600. Doesn’t that reflect the current standing of the two teams - are we surprised? I repeat - say something worthwhile and profound, man, which triggers our interest.<br><br>Or are you a little child, who comes on and goes "na na na na naaaa - vics will always be better than witton"? ‘Always’ is a long time, JGJ.<br>

At last a witton fan who has the sense to realize the difference between the two clubs. The point is witton fan you are the only one I’ve heard not slag Vics down, and post messages or write to the local press suggesting that Vics are going bust,will be in the Unibond in 2yrs,will have crowds of 400,will be tennants at the VS etc. It has been a very difficult 3yrs for us,to remain in the Conference(albeit luckily), still have 800(of our own fans at the first game) and 700(of our own)at the second game is a very encouraging sign. The move to WP was always going to be contraversial and would guarante us losing alot of support(hopefully temporarily), the Vics board have not helped the situation, but the main point I’m making is that NVFC have some of the loyalist fans in non-league football and to slag us off as some posts do on this message board is inappropriate as is posting spoof messages on our message board.<br> We,like yourselves are very hopeful this season of having some success, our team is alot better and we should comfortably finish outside the bottom 3. If we are in a reasonable league position by the time we move to the VS(probably early next year now) our crowds will double as the interest at the start should be phenominal. The key is to then keep our 1300/1400 home fans and build for next season, like yourselves we are aiming higher but frankly I get sick of snide comments made about Vics by some witton fans.We have achieved a great deal in the last 30+ yrs and put the TOWN of NORTHWICH on the map regularly,witton have also had their moments but in the main have lagged behind Vics but this should not result in the obvious bitterness by some of your fans.<br><br>NB. In case you are wondering, our home gate -v- Exeter has been ammened to 850. (incorrect estimate of 607 on the day)

The officials were not counted on the gate. Not one Lincoln fan came. That is what I am telling you.<br><br> How come you weren’t at Barnet on saturday?<br><br>part-timer? [smiley=dunno.gif]

?15 entrance fee,?15 supporters coach,?15? spends + 2 kids!!!

No wonder your team is struggling financially with support like that.

Cant we all just get along! I have supported the vics for 16 of my 21 years, but i would never say that i hate Witton in fact i wish them the best of luck for the season ahead!<br><br>And i still say both teams should merege together, coz judging by the MCSCF game we could have one of the noiseyest set of crowd in the conf and a great atmosphere under a unified Northwich.

2-1 down at home.<br><br>I think your alarm clock must have gone off after you thought you were gonna stay up.<br><br> [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]

Northwich 1-4 Hereford on 71mins. ?;D

Yes we were crap i rekon we would have struggled against a sunday league team today!

Having been watching Vics since '78 I’ve never been so unimpressed with a Vics side - the football, if you can call it that is diabolical, as is the Witton std of football.<br>A few years ago, it would be a viable form of entertainment for a Sat afternoon (or BH Mon) but now the gate fee has crept up to far in excess of the standard of footy.<br><br>This is the reason why football will be non-existent in Northwich, unless the board’s get a grip & are realistic about their financial position.<br><br>Witton are not exactly sound financially, but at least MW appears to know the clubs level & expectations.<br>Vics however, are living well beyond their means & the board are a disgrace in not telling the fans & shareholders (of which I am one) what is going on.<br>All we hear is "it’s a slow process & everything will be fine come the hour" - This is a crock of rubbish - Everything is not fine, otherwise the new ground would be finished & it wouldn’t take so long to sort out, if it ever happens.<br><br>I, for one, have had enough of the lies, rubbish & poor football in this town & I know I’m not on my own. How do I know this? Well it’s easy, because combined, less than 1% of the population of Vale Royal watch their local teams.<br>

Your bang out of order mate, Vics today missing 4 of our best players matched probably the best team in the conference(who should have been promoted last season) in the first half.With more luck we would have been ahead at the break, fair do’s in the 2nd half Hereford ran the show mainly due to Graham Turner changing his formation and playing 5 in mid-field. Steve Burr in my opinion was slow to re-act and should have played 4-5-1 to stop them from controling the game.At 1 goal down we would have still been in the game,and then could have tried and salvaged a point in the last 20 min. HUFC are full-time and are certain to finish in the top 5,we are NOT going to beat these top clubs anymore especially without 4 of our best players, at best we could have scraped a point today and I think Steve B will have learnt this and will hopefully be realistic when we play the top sides again with players out. To say the standard is poor is pathetic,it is frustrating that we’re not winning but the overall standard of the football at times is excellent and is equally as good as league 2 football(which I have watched recently). It’s people like you that epitimise some of Northwich’s fans and simply don’t recognize the level we are playing at, the conference now is better than ever before and therefore Vics are providing the town with the best standard of football it has ever known.<br> On a more positive note,we have played 4 teams that are in the top 5 and the other being full-time, on Saturday it will be 5 as Aldershot are second. Let’sform our opinions when we’ve got our 3 players back(forsythe out for season) and we’ve played all the teams in the league, my guess is that we’ll be around 16th place after 21 games.<br> As for the takeover, it has been handled badly, but Everton will tell you how long it takes just for a small investment to happen, a full takeover !! 3-4 months is quite normal. It will happen but in the meantime Vics fans have to be extra supportive and not negative like the fan above.

I don’t remember at any point stating Leek had that many fans!<br>As for Lincoln, I was one of 10 wittoners in a gate of 88 a couple of years ago - thats how well supported they are! <br>Without doubt it’ll be 100% home fans yet again on Saturday.

<br><br>poor gate rubbish

[quote]?15 entrance fee,?15 supporters coach,?15? spends + ?2 kids!!![/quote]<br><br><br>?10 Coach, ?11 entrance fee, ?10 for a few beers.<br><br>I was there!! Why weren’t you?