You will be missed....

As the message board is buzzing at the moment I’ve come up with a cunning new plan. (bit like blackadder isn’t it) As we are losing a lot of teams next season I was wondering what peoples memories of these grounds/witton playing there will be?<br>I’ve listed a few anyway to hopefully get the ball rolling…<br><br>Ossett Twn<br>A fantastic 2-1 win on Easter Monday 2000, with Gleghorn getting the winner with a flashing header, infront of an absolute shed load of Albion fans!<br><br>Rossendale<br>1. An epic lact 15 come back with goals from Furnival and that goal machine that is Pritch!<br>2. That emphatic finish from Sargeson lasts eason from fully 45 centimetres or something like that!<br><br>Colwyn Bay<br>1. A certain chairman of ours being less than pleased with the assistant referee!<br>2. A load of cows coming down the hill at a night game and appearing to decend from the clouds.<br>3. Rain, and more rain.<br><br>North Ferriby<br>1. a very poor FA cup exit there in 99.<br>2. A rather better 3-1 win there in August 2003 when our season did actually start, this game of course also saw Brad, Brian and Worthy enter the management game for the first time!<br><br>Chorley<br>1. Mainly that cracking 5-2 win there in 99 with 2 belters from Lee cox.<br><br>Stocksbridge<br>1. Being told by the tannoy man on the ground to stop playing football on the cricket pitch next to the ground - it was like a voice from above! <br>2. A 5-2 defeat after which we sacked the manager.<br><br>Belper<br>1. Not being liked for some reason!<br>2. A fabulous 2-2 draw in 2000 when Gleghorn went in goal and Carter bagged the injury time penalty.<br>3. Lack of ability to get emergency services into the ground after Frosty was injured last season.<br><br>Kendal (good god where do I start!)<br>1. The darkest, time throw back club I’ve ever seen, where orange and water cost about a fiver, and you have to wait until 2.58 to get in the place!! :-/<br>2. A daily special including fried egg, bacon, sausage all in a bun from the mobile burger van in the earlier visits.<br>3. Hail stones in the mushy peas!<br>4. Tea that was erm well, briefly allowed to look at the tea bag!<br>5. Lights which were about as bright as v**s fans!<br>6. Several episodes on a quagmire of a pitch, I have never seen a garden or a farmers field look that wet, muddy or cut up!<br>7. Rain that comes at your horozontally, so you’d be drier if you held the umbrella straight in front of you.<br>8. Cover for about 15 under which you STILL get wet.<br>9. A 3-1 defeat in May 98 when we thought it may be out last game ever, very surreal day.<br>10. A fantastic 4-0 win in "boggy" conditions in Nov 99 with 2 goals from Annane and 2 from Hennin , the rain didn;t matter that day!<br><br>Kidsgrove<br>Probably just Andy Barlow’s incredible tackle last season and the goal he set up seconds later!<br><br>Anyone else got any memories?<br><br><br>

Stocksbridge<br><br>The game abandoned due to fog.<br><br>Belper<br><br>The amount of stick Westy got there!<br><br>

My memories of the last 2 years at some of these places:<br><br> Ossett Town (Have been promoted due to Telford’s demise into our league and Ashton Utd join Conference North. So Ossett Town will not be missed!)<br><br> Superbly placed header in the last minute to win us the game by their number 3.<br><br> Rossendale Utd<br><br>Pritchs rasper into the top corner in the FA Trophy<br><br> Colwyn Bay<br><br>Furni’s unfair dismissal and then one of the performances of the season to win<br><br>And Rain<br><br> North Ferriby Utd<br><br>1-0 win their in the end of season run when they were 4th in the league.<br><br> Chorley<br><br>Dicko’s beaut this year<br><br> Stocksbridge PS<br><br>Gurney having 4 pies at the game their last year. Mike’s strike late on in this year<br><br> Belper Town<br><br>Lack of organisation by stewards to get ambulance in and the fish & chip shop down the road.<br><br> Kidsgrove Ath<br><br>Andy Barlows awesome tackle and the crap floodlights that kept dimming.<br><br> Kendal Town<br><br> Dreadful peformance their this year with it being windy. I like your joke about the lights and scum fans though Neil.<br><br>I have only been going away 4 2 years so can’t comment on anything before that.

Agree with Chorley 1999/2000, the 5-2 win which was a brilliant game and performance, on the other hand the awful 0-3 defeat at Stocksbridge under Kevin Tully and the weather (every year) at Kendal.<br><br>Looking forward to Frickley already!!!