Youth Team win against 3rd in league

Very good performance on a extremely heavy pitch at Moss Farm against Pilkington Reserves this evening.<br><br>Again though the Match Referee (and I give him that title very loosely) was awful.<br><br>The match gave the opportunity for Reserve Squad players Craig Ward, Danny McNamara and Gavin Smith to each get vital 90 minutes action in.<br><br>Witton really took the game to Pilks and constantly threatened their goal. Smith & Alex Dunne regualrly getting into good positions but unable to apply the finishing touches throughout the opening period.<br><br>Just before the interval McNamara was pulled up for a foul but before the ref could caution him the Pilks No. 7 pushed him in the back with two hands knocking him several feet forward right in front of the official. After booking McNamara though the ref chose not to have seen the push!! More like, as the player had already been booked, a second yellow would have seen him off and looked to all around that the ref just bottled it!<br><br>At half-time he then got into a slanging match with Witton officials and threatened to abandon the game if they persisted in arguing.<br><br>Needless to say the opening 15 minutes of the 2nd period were most entertaning - not football wise though as very little went on - cards were brandished willy nilly but when the visitors No 12 punched Ward on the half-way line and brought about a free for all between half a dozen players the official looked the other way. As Pilks goalkeeper came well out of his goal to see what all the fuss was about - obviously expecting the game to be stopped - the ball got played down the right to MATTY CLARKE who calmly made his way forward, evaded a challenge by the one Pilks defender who realised the WHISTLE HADN’T BEEN BLOWN and put the ball into the net.<br><br>Cue a mass protest - deja vu or what?<br><br>The goal stood<br><br>More yellow cards ensued followed by a red for a Pilks player who had the audacity to laugh at the man in black.<br><br>When McNamara went down with a head injury two Pilks players to their credit immediately called for the play to be stopped, the official only yards from Danny didn’t for several seconds until Sean Nolan virtually picked the ball up.<br><br>We then had the absolute farce of him pulling up a Pilks attack for offside, the player involved booted the ball well out of the arena. - No caution but he then restarted the match with a Witton goal-kick!<br><br>It was left to GAVIN SMITH to wrap up the precedings, after it has to be said he missed a sitter- with a truly superb overhead scissors kick.<br><br>So again it was fortress Moss Farm (9 wins 3 draws) their only home defeat coming at Wincham Park against the leage leaders. They are down there again on Saturday v Rylands Reserves ko 3pm if you don’t fancy travelling to watch our two other teams.