Youth v Crossfields

Sorry for the delay, had to suffer a couple of days in "that London" <br><br>Anyway a return to form for the youth side on saturday and a deserved 4.0 victory over a lacklustre but gutsy Crossfields side. An indication of the dominance of Witton was the fact that man of the match easily went to the Crossfields keeper who almost single handedly kept the score respectable.<br><br>Witton started well, completely dominating the game from the whistle and creating chance after chance to open the scoring. Finally on 23 minute Adam Clarke opened the scoring by curling a corner straight into the top corner.<br><br>As the weather worsened Wittons passing game suffered and the ball was too easily lost in midfield and many good building moves failed. However, Wittons dominance continued into the second half and moe balls lifted over the sticky ground gave more opportunity to create. <br><br>A superb passing move between both Clarke brothers and a final cross by Dunne resulted in Lord finishing to double the Witton lead.<br><br>Another by Lord and a deserved goal for Dunne settled the game in the second half.<br><br>Despite the dominance of Witton throughout special mention should go to both matty Clarke in goal, who when finally called upon more than justified his place in goal, never letting down his side and making a couple of excellent saves. <br><br>Webb and Garner both had an excellent game in the centre of defence, again with little to do for long periods but when called upon completing their duties with simplicity and poise.<br><br>Overall an excellent performance by the youth side, that despite the appaling conditions continued to play attactive flowing football.<br><br>WELL DONE LADS!<br><br>Mark.