Youth v Middlewich Town FC

If Middlewich Town are the champions elect of the MCFL then todays game proved to any doubters how far this young Witton side have gone in the last 12 months.<br>Nobody, even their own club gave these lads a chance today, and as a result be it for poor refereeing this team may have gone all the way to the final. But unfortuantely were ultimately undone by 2 goals in 8 minutes in the second half by the strong, experienced Middlewich side who finally began to show their alleged quality.<br><br>Witton started the brighter and had the best of the play in the early stages, but despite there possession and excellent footaball could not convert the chances they were had. <br>Just before the half hour the Youth side were denied a stonewall penalty as the referee deemed a blatant foul 2 yards from the ball to be a fair challenge. Only the referee knows why the penalty was not given as even diehard Middlewich fans awaited the enevitable that never came.<br>Witton never allowed themselves to be overun and continued to create and compete at the highest level.<br><br>The second half was a little more comfortable for Middlewich as they began to create a little more, without ever really threatening.<br>The first goal came as expected from a set piece and a header from the tall Middlewich centre half un challenged from 10 yards out. the second came less than 10 minutes later when a low loose ball was blasted into the back of the Witton net.<br>Witton never allowed themselves to be overrun and continued to play neat passing football for the full 90 minutes.<br>This was a game that proved how far this team has gone in a short time and highlighted players ready for the step up. <br>This team is the future of this club, 8 from the 14 squad that started were 17 years old or younger, yet showed performance and attitude beyond their years. <br><br>Middlewich go on to play Winsford Reserves or Barnton in the final, whose semi was postponed due to the weather. Even Barnton’s manager (Mark Came) who observed events today made it clear he prefered to face Middlewich rather than the unpredictable Witton Youth.<br><br>SQUAD<br>Knowles, Webb, Purcival, Blinkhorn, Garner, Tomlinson, Dunne, Clarke, Lowe, Clarke, Nolan, Ashton, Bailey, Lord.<br>