Youth v poynton

Revenge for being robbed of victory in the reverse fixture in September was in the minds of the youth players and management, but looked distinctly unlikely after less than a minute. The youth side displayed defensive frailties similar to last week at Pilks and allowed Poynton to stream through the midfield and slot home an early opener.<br><br>The first half display was uninspiring from both sides and few chances for either team turned the game into another midfield battle. The youth side did not let the early goal get to them and showed no sign of panic, but tried in vain on the sticky pitch to play their normal short passing game. Opportunities were built from defence, but again individual errors marred the improved effort.<br><br>The second half was much more positive and if justice was to be done the youth side should have not only equalised but gone ahead, but for good saves from from efforts by A Clarke, Dunne and Tomlinson. <br><br>Late in the second half the game got a little more frantic and both sides showed some indiscipline resulting in needless bookings for both sides. Witton continued to fight for the equaliser and the introduction of Lord as an extra striker brought much needed freedom in the Poynton half. Although Witton continued to pressurise the equaliser would not come, until 6 minutes into injury time Lord was given time on the ball and buried the ball into the back of the net. 1-1. The injury time was justified and welcome, nice to see a referee act upon timewasting for a change.<br><br>Overall an improved performance, but more improvememnt will be needed against the form Cheadle side next week.<br><br>Squad.<br>Knowles, M Clarke, Purcival, Webb, Blinkhorn, Garner, Parker, Nolan, A Clarke, Dunne, Tomlinson. Donaldson, Ashton, Lord, Dyson, Hubblewhite.<br><br>