Youth v Styal

Another great result for the Youth side, emerging as 3-0 winners against a reasonably strong Styal team and revenge for the youth teams last defeat in the league way back in September.<br><br>A well worked goal from Bently in the 19th minute highlighted Wittons dominance early on. Overall the first half was a little stale, both sides offering little opportunity and the game seemed to become a midfield tactical conflict. <br><br>The second half brought with it a much more inspiring performance from the Young Witton side and despite early jitters continued to dominate. <br>A penalty cooly convered by Matty Clarke calmed the nerves and increased Wittons confidence.<br><br>Bently was withdrawn on the hour and replaced with Hindley (Spin) who then had little opportuninty to show what he could do due to a worrying ankle injury less than 15 minutes after coming on. <br><br>Witton settled again and dominated the game further and should scored at least 2 more, but had to wait until the 80th minute for a 3rd goal from the prolific Dunne. <br><br>Styal waited until the 93rd minute to show pressure when they were awarded a dubious penalty. A great penalty resulted in an even greater penalty save, Matty Knowles diving low to his left to prove justice could be done.<br><br>Next game away v second place Pilkington (14/7/06)<br><br>Squad<br>Knowles, Clarke, Bailey, Tomlinson, Blinkhorn, Garner, Nolan, Clarke, Dunne, Bently, Parker.<br>Subs<br>Ashton, Hindley (Spin), Purcival, Lowe, Donaldson.<br>

Thanks Mark. Nice to get such sweet revenge eh? Also makes up a bit for their 1st team knocking us out of the Cheshire Cup.<br><br>I’ll include your report in my programme article for Saturday and also forward it to both the Chronicle and "Grudain aka False Trickies"<br><br>Cheers Chad