1874 Northwich

Confirmation today that 1874 Northwich have agreed an extension of their groundshare at Winsford until the end of the 2017/18 season.

Looks like you’ll have to continue playing Rigsby to JRs Miss Jones, then …

Personally find this a very strange decision by them so early in the season and committing to a stadium out of town for another few years.

I don’t think it’s surprising. If we are to get our own ground then we need every penny and we bank more by staying at the BS.
WP is good value at the rent you seem to charge but too much for a NWCL team that hasn’t been out of contention for promotion since it was born. It’s hard to plan for the future, financially, until we know how gates hold up in an average or poor season. As many of your fans say - from your point of view you would just be out to screw every penny out of us (understandably) so it wouldn’t be much use to us.
Anyway, you’ve got tenants with unlimited wealth kipping there so it wouldn’t be very well mannered of us to disrupt that arrangement. You may even grow to love them in time. Perhaps even a formal engagement and then a wedding with Colin as chief bridesmaid?
Much more important - where have you been, our forum is empty without you! :slight_smile:

There are many 1874 supporters who live on the South side of Northwich and to whom Winsford is an easier option to get to than Wincham which can be problematic on Saturday afternoon when trying to drive through the town centre.

In my opinion we have built up a mutually beneficial relationship with Winsford and I am quite happy at the Barton Stadium for the foreseeable future.

Can the same be said for Witton and JRFC?

Quite happy at Winsford lol - Its an awful ground with no atmosphere I hate watching football there so good luck, and Witton will be absolutely fine thanks with or with v**s money, we are light years ahead of all the other mid cheshire teams we own a conference rated ground and with houses going up all around us we will do even better. UTA

Good for you!

Then we are all happy!

Keep off our forum and we will be a whole lot happier.


Its not that simple.

Your Club is providing succour for JR and his mystery backers and allowing them to conduct their business activities in my town and therefore I must continue to ask perhaps uncomfortable questions.

It really isn’t a footballing matter, more a civic one.

It really is none of your business but meanwhile more and more Kronenbourg supporters are visiting the netdec. You have more to worry about my friend.

Best to ignore Major/Tony 1874 whoever he is has he goes on and on…bit like his mate Toddy. I’m up for a bit of banter but these guys could talk a glass eye to sleep bangwall


Boring? absolutely. Repetitive? certainly.

I am a resident of the town, taxpayer and parent and I shall continue to ask questions of your relationship and support for JR and his mystery backers.

I have said before it isn’t a footballing matter.

Instead of repeating yourself on OUR forum why don’t you write to the guardian and see if you get any answers from them?

Question for Major Major.

What on earth makes you think that the detailed affairs of a Private Limited Company would be discussed on a public forum.?

The board of directors of WAFC Ltd, will be held to account by its shareholders at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place.

NVFC must be a properly constituted football club, otherwise one would expect the league and FA governance committees to exercise oversight and implement appropriate actions. If that is not being done, its is not the responsibility of WAFC.

Whilst I can understand your quest for details regard the business activities of Mr Rush, I don’t think it is either appropriate or likely for any member of the WAFC Board to comment. Therefore, in my view, any comments on this forum will therefore be conjecture which is nor going to add to your pursuit of any facts.

Putting it bluntly - you are asking the wrong questions in the wrong place.

If you’re 1874 and went to watch JR’s Vics in the past you’re a hypocrite and don’t have the moral high ground.

BTW it takes 10 minutes to get to Wincham from the other side of town at half two on a Saturday.

[quote=“Leroy” post=62686]If you’re 1874 and went to watch JR’s Vics in the past you’re a hypocrite and don’t have the moral high ground.


Everyone has their own limit. Personally, two enforced relegations for non-footballing matters and losing one of the best non league stadiums around (when it could have been saved) was mine.

I can understand how easy it would be to bask in the glory of cup runs/promotion while turning a blind eye to off the field irregularities which occurred during your time across the canal.

i was told a couple of weeks a go that NVFC had a 200k over spend this season cos of a massive wage bill.what they earn through the turnstiles wont cover what there rent money money is.they cant be run by a crook can they?

I see that the Vs traitors at Winsford are admitting they will struggle to own a ground back in Northwich so destined to be eternal squatters, they are always bragging how “in profit” they are ! How nice does it feel to be the only club in the town to own our own ground ( and not even 95%) . I know they bleat on about not being able to afford our rent - however some feel they could have afforded it still grown, pulled more latent Vs fans in and kept there green and white friends out of town maybe the view should have been - We CANNOT afford not to rent at Wincham Park-thinking longer term maybe. Any way who really cares we have tenants who pay, not causing any issues as far as I know, yes they are having success but then its upto us to get our act together to match them asap and as for 2012 Winsford ( to give them a proper name ) then the longer they are out of town the better for us ( and for that matter V**s ) UTA

Not sure how the figures would stack up for renting your ground whilst we are a NWCL team.
We are new and still learning, some things we are getting right and some things we need to improve on.
The rent at your ground is £1k a week or £1k a game (can’t remember what I read) but even at the cheaper ‘game’ price that is several hundred pounds a game dearer than we are currently committed to. To move in with you in the hope that more Vics fans would watch us would be incredibly risky and totally opposite to the philosophy of 1874. Our experience with Vics is a lesson we have learned well. Frustrating though it may be for us we have to live within our means and follow the path that so many trust run clubs around the country follow. It will give us stability and a future. Much the same philosophy as your club is run by and it works for you?
I don’t think the rent for your ground is unreasonable, just more than we can afford. Bit like looking at the nice detached houses when you are first buying - good value for money but out of your reach. Like most clubs in our position when we do move back into Northwich it will be some kind of ‘partnership’ that provides us with a ground and someone else with what they need. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.
One thing it does do is make it easier for you and Vics to negotiate for the next two years. They will be around as long as the ‘money source’ doesn’t dry up and you’ld be silly not to take it. The one risk I would see for you is becoming dependent on their rent and struggling when it does dry up.
In the meantime we have to be patient and grit our teeth and find other ways to score points over you lot in the local banter!! :wink:
FAO Paul - it’s brave of me to come on here - hope you appreciate that.