A History of the Albs.

Paul Lavell wrote a history of the Albs from the start to 1915. Unfortunately you cannot purchase a copy. I did look at printing my articles that appear in the programme based on Paul’s book as a book but not sure people would pay the ten pounds they would cost if Witton were to make anything from it.

I’d happily pay 10 quid the history of our club is always of interest. I’ve just read a book on the history of Yorkshire Cricket club and I could’nt put it down is was that good. Biased because one of my heroes alongside Sir Tom Finney, Alf Ashley,Ken Barnes, and Keith Mason was “Sir” Frederick Sewards Trueman “best fast bowlwer that ever drew breath”

Not sure my book based on the articles would arouse enough interest to warrant ordering 100.

[quote=“WHS” post=63491]Not sure my book based on the articles would arouse enough interest to warrant ordering 100.

I’ll buy one WHS. I always laugh at V*cs book called “20 years of Madness”. Ours should be called something like “more than 125 years and still the town team”

I would buy it and pay up front as a pre-order before printing so no risk

Just to sat there is already a book detailing the full history of Witton, its called “Sons of Albion” written by George Haspell ( of Barnton CC, now no longer with us unfortunately ) Is this what your after ?

I’ve heard of this book before but never actually seen a copy unfortunately. Is there anywhere you can get a copy from?

Paul S I have a spare copy in good condition which you can have in return for a donation to the Wheels appeal if that is still going. Will bring it tomorrow if game is on.

I too have copies of the book signed by George himself. My sons actually have them now. “Sons of Albion” covers a long period and if memory serves me correctly is more concerned with just results etc. Paul’s book is a more comprehensive tome covering a much shorter period, our birth in 1890 until 1915.
I did intend to use “Sons of Albion” as the basis for articles for next year’s programmes with some added stuff gleaned from the local press but it may be too much work, we shall see.

And before someone starts having a go at me over “1890” it is a fact that was the year we were really founded, not 1887. It was actually the same year that the REAL Vics were founded, not 1874 or whatever they claim.

Deal, thanks very much mate. I’ll chuck a tenner into the Wheels appeal pot for it.

Have to laugh at the “Pious fans” over on their site lapping up WHS saying we were formed in 1870 (as were V**s) and they go on to suggest we need to change the signs at our ground !!! Whilst at the same time they are called “1874 Northwich” when they change their name to 2012 Winsford we might think about it.

The simple fact is that there was a “Witton Albion” in 1887 but it went defunct and a totally different club taking the name “Witton Albion” was formed in 1890 and that is OUR club. There was a club called “Northwich Victoria” in 1874 but it went defunct in 1889 and a new club incorporating two other clubs was formed and it took the name “Northwich Victoria” and that is the club that went defunct in 2012 and now there are two totally different clubs claiming, wrongly, descent from the “Northwich Victoria” of 1874.
So to be clear, we are the oldest club having been formed in 1890, then comes Vics 2012 and then this new bunch named after a Lager!! Barnton, Lostock, Middlewich et al are older than them both.

You have your facts slighty wrong, there was no team called Northwich Victoria in 1874, the team playing in 1874 were called the Hare and Hound football club and in 1875 changed its name to Northwich Victoria FC

on the 9th December 1889 Hartford and Davenham United Football Club voted to am-alginate with Northwich Victoria FC, Committee Members of Northwich Victoria FC then Voted in favour of the motion on the 17th February 1890. Both clubs had their own committee members and sets of accounts. Committee members of both clubs 10 (vics) & 7 from H&DUFC plus three others came together to form a new committee

Sorry Colin.

So not 1874 then ! maybe our dear friends should consider a name change to “1874 Hare and Hounds of Winsford” :whistle:

Just ‘The Hare and Hounds’ will do…that is how I will be referring to them from now on anyway…

No problem WHS

The club formed in 1874 also used to play in red, It was only after the merger in the mid 1890’s that the colours changed to green,

And the title “The Trickies” was first attributed to Witton.

We won’t need to buy the book at this rate!