Big game next Saturday, prize money at stake,and our opposition despite their status have a vociferous away support.<br><br>We (the crowd) need to give the players the vocal support for this game that we produced 2nd half yesterday.<br><br>Bang the Drum!!!

12 o’clock in Penny Black then?? :wink:

Prize Money? How much?<br>WHS

<br><br> Prize Money for 2nd. Qual. round ?2000.00, lets give it our best shot,<br> we need the money.

Our FA Trophy opponents Alsager went out of the Unibond League Challenge Cup last night, following a 4 - 1 home defeat to neighbours Kidsgrove Athletic in front of a crowd of 210. That after taking the lead also.

Will GE be in the officials’ starting line up?

I’m going for my hat-trick!<br><br>C’MON ;D<br><br>GE

Just wanted to wish the lads good luck for tomorrow ;)… lets hope we have a good turnout too :smiley:

any news on the team yet?

Christ you’re keen!<br>I usually send the updates and I’m not even on my way yet!<br>Don’t know if anyone is avaiable to do the updates today - if anyone is text me and I’ll give you the details.

[quote]Christ you’re keen!
[/quote]<br><br>Certainly am ;)<br><br>Cant make the match today unfortunately :-/, so I’m stuck at work eagerly awaiting news and of course Witton goals [smiley=banane.gif]

Text me if you want and I’ll let you know and you can do updates if you can please. (Derek & maddiesuncle may well be at the game)

Team - Kennedy, Bowler, Brownhill, Pritchard, Barras,Lloyd,Alex Brown,Gaghan,Alistair Brown, Moseley, G Jones.<br><br>Subs - McGuire, Frost, Worsnop, Hendrix, Peers

whats peers doin on the bench?? is he injured or summet??<br>

no idea mate, not heard anything,strange decision though if he isnt injured [smiley=dunno.gif]

Half-time Witton 0 - Alsager 0

1-0 Alistair Brown from a Lloyd cross ?;D

Get in!! come on witton!!

2-0 Alex Brown from 25 yds ;D ;D

;D nice to see midfielders are conributing!! and we will ahve some more prize money lets b honest we need it!! come on witton!