Witton Albion Football Club today announce that they have parted company with Manager John Davison & Assistant Manager Peter King.<br>Following a Board meeting held today it was decided that a change of direction was needed in the Club to kick start the season and bring some success to the Club.<br>Club Chairman Mike Worthington said today " we had hoped that we had found the right team to bring some success to the Club. Sadly that this has not been the case and the Board felt that following considerable investment on the playing side we should be in a much stronger position than we currently are and therefore we have to do something about it".<br>The search for another manager begins immediately and the Club will be looking for applications from suitably qualified managers.<br><br>GE<br>

As much as I am pleased that this decision has been made, and I believe it is the correct one, I would like to wish John and Peter all the best for the future and thank them for their efforts at the club.

Thanks for pasing the news on to us.<br><br>I’ve updated the home page accordingly.<br><br>Have to say I think the board have done the right thing, anyone there on Saturday will certainly agree I’d have thought.<br><br>Onwards and upwards.

A good move by the board, the mgr was too negative by far-witton as a club want attractive football not to go 1-0 up and sit back as i know John Davidson liked to do- according to the players i have spoken to anyway, so lets hope the new man has contacts - communication skills and some real passion for the job, I would like to see pritch do it but doubt it could work with his career, any ideas on who is in the frame ? nolan maybe - he was mgr at hyde, if he does though it must be as a mgr not player mgr, maybe look at pritch as his assistant , Nigel Cleghorn would be popular with fans but doubt the chairman would go this way.<br>good luck to John and Peter ( who I liked a lot ) sorry it didnt work out for them. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Well as negative as us Witton fans can be, I believe that JD and PK had their moments with Albion, and I for one wish them well in the future.<br><br>Just recently performances have been lacking in a number of areas, the biggest one being passion!<br><br>Maybe with new management they can find someone with a voice on the sidelines that will give some of our lads a kick up the jacksie.<br><br>I personally believe that the talent is there, but they have to have direction. <br><br>We need a manager who is vocal (don’t get me wrong I’m not after a manager that spends 90 minutes whinging with the officials and aggrovating the opposition) but a manager who can get his message accros. Too many games this season have been allowed to drift into stalemates.<br><br>Does anyone who is in temporary charge?<br><br>

I don’t know, but I would hazard a guess at either Pritch or Nolan (because he’s been manager at clubs before.)<br><br>I hope it’s Pritch, just because all the fans know that he’d definately give the game his all.<br><br>I do hope that whoever does come in gets given the chance to change things around to how he wants them done, which may not work straight away, but the fans give him a chance to sort it out, and don’t start crucifying him immediately.

Simon Hughes and Brian Pritchard are in charge at the moment.

For me Pritch and Si Hughes full of passion or Mr Quinn only on a temp basis the next month is so important, if any player is unhappy let them go, lets have a fresh start please MM, Pritch and Gibbo stay cos I know u are WAFC loyal, the rest make your decision we depend on your honesty.<br><br>Thanks JD and Kingy, best of luck its football

Firstly i would like to wish JD and Kingy all the best and thank them for all they have done for the club.<br><br>Secondly i am not sure where the temporary manager information is coming from but from the horses mouth tonight the person in charge of team affairs is Mike Worthington. Nolo and myself are helping out with training and will have some input with regards to team selection, but we are not in charge of team affairs. As for Si i have yet to speak to him concerning this matter and no i do not want the job thank you.

Very bold, but I believe ultimately the right decision by the board. To be honest, I was expecting, barring a catastrophic string of results leading us into the relegation zone, for a decision of this magnitude to be made at the end of the season depending on our final placing.<br>Therefore I believe that making this move now it is clear the Board’s aim is to at least be in a play-off spot at the end of the season. Anything less will be seen as a failure and rightly so baring in mind the investment in the team and quality of clubs thus played so far.<br>It has to be said, at the moment, on current performance and results that play-off spot is becoming increasingly unlikely.<br>I wish the Board well in appointing a new Manager as never before has getting the right man for the job been more important as now. It is also vital that the players stand up and be counted for the future of the club in the next crucial few weeks.<br>Finally I would like to add my best wishes for the future to JD and PK at least you gave us a solid defence to build on.<br><br>

Well have bit my tongue since I said i would support the team no matter what but results have not been as expected. I think JD has brought in one or two better players than we had but the team is not firing so hopefully this move has come at the right time to get someone new in and give us a chance of the playoffs. Greatest respect to Pritch think he has too many seasons playing (for us hopefully) to think about managing and has already said that he dosen’t (yet?) want the job and in my opinion we should bring in somebody new. Heard Jimmy Quinn might be interested?

Quinn is favourite for the Kidderminster job, but in any event we could’nt afford him + he would’nt drop 3 levels of management.

Mark Gardiner, Steve Davis,Nigel Cleghorn,Eddie Bishop - take your pick!! Sooner the better MW is relieved of the duties though - very unproffesional in my opinion. I’m also afraid that this decision is too late to salvage a top 5 finish, another season wasted and witton are now getting a reputation for sacking managers too frequently!! Once again the season will end in failure.

Christmas has arrived! Thank goodness I have been proved right.<br><br>Congratulations to the Board and MW for having the bottle to get rid. To Observer I say how can you criticise MW after what he has done for the Club.<br><br>The Board backed JD bought Baker for him and he proved to be a boring manager.<br><br>No chance Gleghorn or Bishop, Gardiner or Davis who knows!<br><br>Jimmy Quinn would be my choice. <br><br>I hope we dont end up with that cast off from Alty Bernard Taylor who has been coming to matches - God Forbid!!!

You don’t sack a manager 5 days before your last major cup competition kicks off.<br>MW may have some brains about money but I suspect he knows zilch about football.<br>What use is one without the other?<br>Things are falling apart.

Firstly, all the best to Pritch, Nolo, Hughessyand MW for Saturday. ?It’s all the fans can do to help to really get behind the team - we’re needed more than ever.<br><br>No it isn’t ideal sacking the manager before the FA Trophy, but from last Saturday’s showing, we can’t possibly be any worse. ?Playing like we did, we’d have no chance. ?You need passion and courage to win in the cup, and we had none.<br><br>I would imagine that MW is merely "named" as in temporary charge - I imagine he’ll take the team talk to stress how important this win is to the club and that they’re to give it their all, and one (or both) of Pritch and Nolo will play but guide the team from there.<br><br>Have to completely agree with ME - it is time for players to decide what it is they want to do. ?If they hang on for the money and say their committed, when it turns out that they aren’t, they have to expect us to be disappointed. ?It’s make your mind up time.<br><br>For the job - not Eddie or Nigel. ?To much history and the expectations we’d place on them as fans based on previous times would never be obtainable.<br><br>Jimmy Quinn I’d like. ?But too expensive.<br><br>Steve Davis - no thanks.<br><br>A few more names to add in - Shaun Teale. ?Ernie Moss. ?I don’t have any preferences really - just someone who can kick some life into our team and season will do me just fine!!<br><br>Edited to add in Hughessy!!

Could be a very shrewd move sacking just before a big game how many times have teams won the next game after a manager has departed.

First of all, I’d like to pass on my thanks and good wishes to John and Peter. Its a thankless task being a manager. You only have to read this forum to realise that! I know for a fact that they put the hours in and poor performances and defeats hurt the coaching staff just as much as it hurts the fans. <br><br>You might not agree but I believe that JD and Kingy brought some very good players to the club and the new mgt team will certainly have alot of quality to work with. The key for the new manager will be discovering why the team quite often underperforms when it has got so many talented players in the squad.<br><br>I have been asked to help out on Thursday and Saturday. Its not a job I wanted, I’m not qualified and I don’t have the experience but I am proud the club asked me. The main thing is to try and get the players and the club to pull together like we did in similar circumstances last year when Benni resigned. <br><br>I have spoken to Pritch and like many people who have spoken to Pritch recently will testify, I’m more confused than ever.<br>

Thanks to JD and PK for all their efforts espicially getting us into the Unibond Premier last year.<br><br> I would like to see Pritch in charge of Witton at some point but maybe in the future when you’ve hung your boots. Quinny would be a good choice but he isn’t going to drop down this far financially and professionally. Not interested in Gleggy, Eddie or Davis. As a lot of people have mentioned Alvin would have been a great choice but we are about a fortnight too late for him.<br><br> We will have to wait and see who applies. Berti Vogts anyone?

Dave JOnes??