Another Shocker

Not been, but whats the excuse today for this lot?

Division’s 4th lowest scorers against division’s leakiest defence, and we came off second best! Looks like our problems up front continue. I don’t think it’s the personnel, from what I hear over here, it seems as a general rule to be the tactics.

Team:<br>Gibson, Evans, Nolan, Pritch, Furnival, Barlow, Baker, Yates, Foy, Moseley, Burton.<br>Subs:<br>Bird for Burton<br>Madin for Yates<br>Molyneux for Evans<br>Att 155 - 40-50 from witton.<br><br>Appalling, no heart, no passion, lacked effort, god awful distribution, negative, just some of the nicer words to describe this afternoons debacle.<br><br>Never has Crab FC been more appropriate.<br>We were lucky it was only 1, and for the first time I honestly heard people asking seriously how many teams go down.<br>Rarely say it but that was a joke.

Dear, Dear, 161 miles from my house and back, why cos I support WAFC, I’ll be there against Blyth and live in hope, but really this cant go on much longer, we do have some good players we do have some shite players most clubs do, but the main problem is we do not have a team, we appear frightened of anyone we play, there is no confidence, no leaders apart from Pritch No one wants to make a mistake so no one does anything<br> I am totally pissed off standing behind the opponents goal watching the Witton players backs, I cant recognise the players after games in the club unless I stand behind them. I am at a loss what game plan do we use, is it to bore everyone to death, are the management employed by Sky Sports to drive us all back to our armchairs. For one game, just one game can anyone who passes the ball forward be sponsored.<br>For goodness sake give the fans a little entertainment<br>becos at the moment it is :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif]

I’m actually too scared to write what I really truly think - suffice to say that I’ve absolutely had enough of such inept pathetic performances.<br><br>I’m starting to realise just how naive I really am - I actually believe we’ll still win every game because I’m such a true Wittoner - I want us to win so I kid myself into believing it.<br><br>Well, I don’t believe we will beat Blyth on Saturday with the current personnel and tactics. Which means that, yes, our season is over by the start of November. Great.<br><br>A little bird told me that there was zero atmosphere in the dressing room before the game. Well, it showed. No team spirit and absolutely no fight from the players (except to the fans - if they’d put as much effort in on the pitch as they did arguing with those who travel everywhere to support them, we might have got something from game.)<br><br>How we are going to entice quality players to the club when we play like that is beyond me. Why would a first class striker play for us when he wouldn’t see the ball except for in the warm-up before the game?<br><br>Stupid as I am, I’ll still be there on Saturday. Will still travel to Blyth if we’re lucky enough to get a replay on a Tuesday night. But if I’m getting peed off, and I’m the eternal optimist, then it must be bad.<br><br> :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

The only "report" as such from the opposition camp is this so far which just about sums it up pretty well.<br><br>"Well deserved three points and clean sheet, Witton were poor up front. We should have been at least 3 up at half-time, 3 excellent saves from Keeper, plus a missed sitter from Christian Fox, and the goal, brilliantly taken by Thompson, 22 yards out first time volley from a corner. <br>Woody- excellent again, Hatto played well, as well as new signing Steffan Zoll. Not sure about Fox, but who cares as long as we keep winning! "<br><br>Couldnt disagree with any of that.<br><br>In what was a rare discussion in the speechless silence on the journey home we concluded we can see why people don’t bother coming to watch now. and for once I am honestly not joking when I say I was enjoying the afternoon until we kicked off. The afternoon out watching Warrington was more fun last Saturday.<br><br>Like Debbie and others who were there I’m sure I could go on all day about many things but the question I keep asking myself is: <br>Could we have been any worse if we’d tried? Free kicks 3 yards sideways, throw ins direct, bloody DIRECT to opposition players, balls loffted in the air, less shape than a bowl of jelly and the few promising positions we did have were ultimatley wasted by awful distribution or the typical back pass. The taking of a short corner to Furnivals right foot just about summed it up - we were back in our own half within seconds. Absolute class.<br><br>Discussions before the game saw some of us jokingly, but seriously expecting us to get another draw. We were told no we have to win today, and we agreed. Ok lets go and do it then. How wrong we all were.<br><br>If we play half as badly as that we’ll have no chance next weekend - should be a belter. I can’t wait.<br>

So it appears it was another shocker, but NO one has the bottle to say that Davidson should go. <br><br>Have been saying it for weeks and getting slagged off for it.<br><br>He is a dreadful manager, whose tactics are appaling, who is so negative it is beyond belief - but I have been saying it for weeks and not getting any support.<br><br>Come on Mr Worthington, do something, the season is almost over for us, you are spending a lot of money on a poor team - for goodness sake make a change, you have in the past.

I’ll say it. I think he should go. This isn’t a one off as we have been playing like this for the last month. If we don’t lose we draw and we are falling down the table. If we are to challenge the playoffs which is something we are capable of doing with players like Barlow, Moseley and Baker then we need a new manager with fresh ideas. Why Molyneux was on the bench is beyond me. Evans has been poor so far this season and Nolan just has no pace now.<br><br> Seemed only a few players cared. Namely Pritch, Barlow and Moseley. Burton did well before he was taken off and Madin worked very hard after coming on but there was so many players who were static when we had the ball. I feel sorry for Gibbo stuck in goal with the team playing like that in front of him. Made 3 very good saves to keep us in it.<br> WHY OH WHY Do we continue to play with a striker and a centre midfielder out on the wings. IT DOESN’T WORK. We end up with 4 centre midfielders and no width which then leaves the full backs exposed. We just seem too negative.<br><br> If we lose to Blyth next week and he is still manager then I will start watching the reserves!!!

I forgot to point out yesterday that the pitch was in excellent condition, dare I say it probably better than WP. <br>It seemed a wide pitch too which would suit a footballing side.

I forget to say RANT OVER as well

"Another Shocker","Another Disgraceful Result","Disgrace".How many more thread headings do we have to read like this?Added to the ones from last season.<br>Yesterday’s performance,perhaps the worst of the season,eclipsed by the Winsford debacle but only just.Not going to bore you with what went wrong,its all been said above and in the past.Suffice to say there were no excuses.Perfect playing conditions i.e. superb playing surface,no wind, and no slope but when the players start arguing with the fans you know its all over.Saw that once before at Bishop Auckland a few years ago, when Rosey had a go at the supporters.We lost that day 5-0 with the club at its lowest ebb. We can’t be far off that now.<br>Anstey,Spot on mate.I, for one, did have some sympathy with your opinion on the management though I was prepared to give them a few months to get it right. I am now of the opinion that John Davison and Peter King are NOT the future of Witton Albion Football Club. Winsford,2nd Half at Radcliffe,where we had the game by the "scruff of the neck",and yesterday have now convinced me.I challenge any fan whose "glass is still half full" to come on and defend the current management and team performance.<br>In my opinion,it’s time for another management forum/information meeting. The first one, at the wrong time for me.Beginning of the season,poorly attended with no-one knowing what to ask. I believe one now, a half-term report if you like, would see the Function Room packed to the rafters.The fans,especially those that attend home and away, deserve answers and answers NOW!!<br><br>

I agree. ?I admit that in the past I have been the first to jump to the defence of any management team, just because I WANT them to suceed and prove the whingers wrong.<br><br>But I can’t. ?<br><br>All I can say is that at the Information Meeting, Peter and John said that they want to win more than any of the fans do, and when we don’t win, it hurts them more. ?They must have been absolutely distraught yesterday. ?Never have I experienced Neil so quiet driving back over the Pennines. ?My blood boils as I even think about yesterday and I take it John and Peter (and all the players) were quiet and gutted on the way back yesterday, but I imagine it’s far more likely that they all had a few beers and a good old laugh. ?<br><br>We’ll all be around for far longer than they will and it’s time for them to go and take those players who continually let us down and only turn up for the money with them.<br><br>I would rather us be managerless for the Trophy game as it stands now; at least we’ll have a good excuse when we get knocked out.

Let Pritch take over as caretaker again as he won every game as manager didn’t he? Never lost anyway.

I’ve just remember why we were so disappointing yesterday, Dicko is out after all he is so crucial isn’t he. Well he certainly adds some punch to the team. (not sure why I didn’t think of that earlier)<br><br>15 games in I’m still trying to assess exactly where we are up to. We started the season alright and results were coming, especially given the opposition. Sadly now with results against Emley, Marine, Frickley and Radcliffe taken into account if that is how we will fare, and given current form we will be no where near this top 5 position the management team themselves were talking of.<br>To be fair the board did their bit re the budget etc but what has followed has been a great disappointment.<br><br>As Debbie said apparently the results hurt them as much as it does us. They must have had a very insufferble 24 hours. I hope they didn’t try and pass any of that feeling on to the players though as they might get told off!<br><br>What a farce, makes you seriously think twice about giving up your Friday evening to clean up the dressing rooms for our team when they treat you like that, especially after the scum will have shown the usual respect for our facilities. [smiley=rant.gif]

well lets start on the attack and encorage the team not nock them

Disgusting result,the current situation cannot continue, however as much as we need a new manager, who are we going to attract?!!! No-one of any significance or pedigree is going to be attracted to us, the gates are dropping, the team is likely to finish in the bottom half at this rate and there is no more money to spend. In the new year it is likely that the budget will be reduced even further as our gates are simply nowhere near the ones we’ve budgeted for. We will also lose the extra revenue from their games which will have a massive effect on the revenue. Prediction for saturday is another draw infront of less than 200!!! Maybe it’s time for the whole club to be shaken up from the top downwards!!

Not so sure about changing the manager yet. We’ve only lost 3 games and are still in touch with the play off places, this league was never going to be easy and a top 10 finish won’t be a disaster. We have no define right to play at a higher level, we as a club are no bigger or better than most club’s in this league or the league below for that matter, alot of other clubs have developed and progressed in recent years – WE HAVE NOT, mainly due to the finacial mess of 5 years ago. We have to forget our few years in the Conference and the old Unibond premier, it is now that counts and after spending the last 6 years in level 3 of non-league we have to accept that the only way we will get any higher is by increasing our support and bringing more sponsorship to the club, that way the infrastucture can be extended to cope with the higher level. Until then we plod on as we are. and if we can’t bring more support to the club, then we should be grateful for the league we are in, afterall we may not have had a club called witton to support at all!!!

Firstly. Kodakmax - you try travelling to every single (every one) to support the team and then you get served up Saturday’s performance AND get backchat from the players for being exasperated. As a fan you can only encourage so far - the players then have to respond and I think I’ve been to enough games (i.e. all of them) to be able to make an informed decision.<br><br>Secondly. Wittoner. There is a good enough budget available to get that top 5 position. JD said it himself. We are no different to any other club in this league who can attract managers who can do well. And. If you think we’ll have enough problems attracting a decent manager, how the hell do you think we’ll be able to attract a new board who put in as much time and effort as they do now?? Or maybe you don’t know how much work goes in behind the scenes.<br><br>Thirdly. Wittonfan. No, a top 10 finish isn’t a disaster. But when the aim for the season is a top 5 place and we fail to achieve that target, THAT is a disaster. And to increase gates and sponsorship we have to produce performances and results. The money isn’t just suddenly going to roll in; the performances need to improve first. And, finally, it is more the performance and nature of the defeat on Saturday is the problem. If you were there, you’d know what I mean. I don’t see how we can come back from that.<br><br>What an excellent way to start off a week at work. :frowning:

We have the potential to make it to Conference North. I think Alvin McDonald would have been good choice if the time was right but he has gone to Runcorn. We have decent attendances when we are playing well and I am sure most fans would come back if we had a new manager and give it a second chance. We have a very good budget and facilities. We are geared and ready to challenge Conference North so it is a more exciting prospect than most teams in this league.

not managed to get to any away games yet so cant really comment on the past month of performances<br><br>however the comments about players giving back-chat to supporters is worrying, ive made comments in the past on this board about not liking wot some supporters say do etc but u do not expect players to give it back! what exactly happened?<br><br>performances sound a bit grim at the moment but as the ever optimist surely a big effort on saturday and the manager reading this forum and giving us an attacking display will get us back on track! ???<br><br>cmon the Albion!!!