Coach Travel to Woodley

Coach will depart from Memorial Hall at 1.15 p.m. on Saturday 16th December 2006. Cost will be ?7.50 per person.<br><br>Need 30 names by Half Time on Saturday against Ferriby. Book with me or Neil at the club shop please.<br><br>AC

Could we not get witton’s bar open and get picked up from there?<br><br>Me, Mike Blundell, Yox, Greg.

Now that is a good idea!!!<br>WHS.

Witton’s Social Club will be open from 11am for breakfast with the team and a fans team-talk follwed by a few pints (players excluded) before the coach leaves Witton at 1.30pm.<br><br>Please indicate to Andy or Neil if you will be doing this.<br><br>GE<br>

Brill!! I’m in!! But only on the condion Mike Mosely gets the Zigga-Zagga’s going again!!

Count me in, God willing. (or as she is better known, the wife.)<br>WHS

Just to confirm, pick up from Wincham Park only , departure time 1.30 p.m.<br><br>Need names asap - If you book and don’t turn up I will hunt you down for the money :wink:

Although the experience of Saturday was a wonderful one, this is one trip I will be making by car.

The supporters coach is DEFINATELY going - very good response tonight.<br>If you want to come on the coach please see Neil or Andy Chad on Saturday to be sure of getting on it.<br><br>The albion social club will be open from around 11.30 am for brunch/lunch and "refreshments" until we all depart for Woodley at 1.30 en mass.<br><br>All are welcome, so if you’re driving to the game why not pop in for a pint before hand and we can build up the atmosphere like last Saturday.

WARNING TO CIDER DRINKERS !<br><br>Make sure you drink your fill at Witton its just been announced that the Woodley bar and surrounding pubs have banned the sale of Strongbow. ?:-X<br>But they have stocked up on Archers.

Will see you yomorrow about booking a seat on the coach.<br>WHS

Sorry I will definitely see you tomorrow not yomorrow!!!<br>WHS

Cheers WHS - just pop in and put your name down - looking like a full coach again!

Neil why don’t you bring some merchandise on the bus with you. I’m sure we could get a few pin badges sold, or a scarf or 3.

I have to leave it somewhere safe then though and look after it.<br>I do however have plans to open the shop before the game for anyone wanting a yellow shirt or other xmas items.<br><br>Update on the coach - very nearly full now please see Andy Chad at the Winsford game or contact Cyril (who will pass on to Andy Chad) at the ground 01606 43008.<br><br>

Is the offer of the social club being open for supporters travelling on coach also open for supporters travelling to the game by car? Just thought we could get a couple of pionts in aswell before travelling! ;D Bring on Saturday!!

See Neils post earlier!!!

I am definitely coming on the coach Neil, see you on Saturday about 1-00 pm.<br>WHS.

o ok sorry about that must have glided over that lol sorry for any bother<br>Average attendance this season of 99!<br>We’ll easy outnumber them,there could be twice as many Wittoners as them there!!<br>