Confirmed News

The following friendlies are confirmed:<br><br>13.07.06 Knutsford (A) 7pm<br>20.07.06 Wigan Athletic (H) 3pm<br>22.07.06 Northwich Victoria (A) MCDFA Cup Semi Final 7.45pm<br>25.07.06 Nantwich Town (A) 7.45pm<br>29.07.06 Barrow (H) 3pm<br>01.08.06 Manchester City (H) 7.30pm<br>05.08.06 Newcastle Town (A) 3pm<br>08.08.06 Middlewich Town (A) 7pm<br>12.08.06 Clitheroe (A) 3pm<br><br>Signings:<br><br>Mark Westhead, Carl Frost, Alex Brown.<br><br>Released:<br><br>David Whittaker<br><br>This Sunday 11 June:<br><br>Car Boot - 8am - ?5 per car - get in that loft before England’s game - get all your unwanted bargains and get down to Wincham Park - you make a profit & so do Witton.<br><br>Golden Launch Scheme:<br><br>We need supporters to get involved with this. You ALL know someone who’ll fancy a go - please ring me - the numbers in the phonebook or via Witton’s office.<br><br>GE<br>

Forgot to mention the signing of Chris Gaghan.<br><br>(Thanks to the Vics website for reminding me - nice to know they’re interested!)<br><br>GE<br>

I am assuming the Wigan game is an evening kick off GE?

Just wanted the thousands of fans to make sure they got there early enough!<br><br>7.45pm it is then.<br><br>GE<br>

Vics Match - Is that kick-off time right as the 22/7 is a Saturday?


This thread, having been read 438 times, would perhaps have found an interested party or two in the Golden Launch scheme.<br>This is where ANYONE can sell (or buy) for ?50 the opportunity to have their name on Witton shirts - stadium named after them - etc.<br><br>I am assuming the 438 hits have only read the friendlies as no one supported the car boot and, to date, the number of supporters/readers to contact me about selling some is 0.<br><br>This apathy will have an effect on team’s performance in the Unibond League next season. So, if you’re interested in the team achieving something next season - get involved with this. <br><br>My contact details are available in the phone book or the office. Or you can call Benny Phillips.<br><br>I will post at the end of each day how many people have cared enough to get involved. Sorry if you feel this is a bit blunt but the same few can’t do everything.<br><br>GE<br>

Pricked my conscience GE - I’m in anyone else?<br><br>After all its a little bit more important than the ressie manager - no disrespect intended.<br>

Mine is ready and I am going through my old files when I was Commercial Director to see if there are any old sponsors who may wish to get involved. Benny is doing a good job getting out and about but he needs support. <br><br>Graham is right their is so much apathy about the Club which has been the case since the Club came out of its CVA. When the begging bowl was out so many people supported the Club but not now. <br><br>Unless things change the Club has a serious problem, make no mistake.

seen both Carl Frost and Alex Brown play at Leek.<br>both good players. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br> Alex Brown allways thinks a head and seems to be in the right place at the right time.<br>look forward to seeing them play. ;)<br>

People to 16 June: 1.<br><br>GE<br>

Put me down as well Graham.

And me.

The Club needs 600 I understand.


Rob i dont think 600 is realistic thats ?30k ? I think more like 150 - 200 people, of course the more the better.<br>As far as I know we should only need to replace the sponsorship of Len Cooke.

Colin:<br><br>It’s easy to suggest we JUST need to replace the LC money. That got us to 8th in two seasons (if you look at it in those simple terms). That’s complacency in my eyes. Why not put a bit of effort to get a decent return - or am I being to hopeful?<br><br>GE<br>

Colin,<br><br>Add the GMB to the list, if you go around the ground and count up how many boards are active, a large percentage were not renewed last season. <br><br>Four seasons ago every board was paid for and every match sponsored.<br><br>Times change, personnel change, the figure I quoted should be the target, remember ?30,000 was the figures we were achieving four years ago, it has dropped considerably in the last couple.

Been without internet access for a while, but count me in.

Only 5.<br><br>GE<br>