Danny Graystone

Can anyone give me a brief summary of Danny Graystone’s playing ability. I understand that he is a tough competitor and midfield general.<br>Cheers<br>olives

Danny Graystone when he played for Witton Albion under Nigel Gleghorn was a tough competitor who got through his work and also scored qite a few goals in the process and he was an asset to the team, unfortunately he picked up an injury and he never seemed to recover his ability, we also had achange of manager which did not help him, I would say if he has recovered he will do a good job for someone

Are you pissed Jonny? He is an energetic and pacey midfielder who couldn’t play up-front but was a good player. How about going to a Witton game before posting on here?<br><br> [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] :stuck_out_tongue:

Well said old timer.<br><br>Danny Graystone scored some cracking goals for the club and worked very hard, if you had 11 players with the commitment of him then any club would do very well.<br><br>As regards, to Amery, he never goes to a match, slags everyone off, is never positive about anything and to be perfectly honest is a nuisance and many supporters of WAFC wish that the webmaster would block him.<br><br>A total arsehole is the phrase widely used to describe Amery.<br><br>

We aren’t asking you to come down though Jonny. You can’t slag off a team that you haven’t watched for a couple of years!

Which New Year? ;D

jonny, if all fans had ure attitude the club would never go foward. <br>And the fact u link the sunday league and unibond together, show how little u know about footy.

Exactly AD. True fans now how much we hate being linked to Sunday League because there is such a huge gulf in skill levels (I played sunday league for christs sake and I am less fit than Gazza!). You have to be positive to move forward and help the club improve and grow.<br><br> A friend who I use to play sunday league with had the leasure of playing against Mike Moseley once and he would tell you that there is a huge difference. (Mike scored 4 goals in a cup game against them)

just look at eddie bishop banging the goals away for oaklands, he wouldnt get a sniff in wittons side these days.

A healthy debate is one thing, but can we keep the abuse to a minimum please, we don’t want to have to start deleting threads.<br><br>IMO Danny was decent player - I still remember the 1st time I saw him crunch a Maine Road player in a perfectly timed tackle at Carrington! (bit like what Gould said about Pearce init!)

Neil, then I suggest you ban Amery from the site, his nonsense just makes people mad.

Already you have shown your lack of knowledge. Where were you when we all went to Spennymoor last year. Just one win away from the playoffs and a shot at promotion. I would check your facts and knowledge before you make stupid comments like you have above!

A club moving forward doesn’t have to mean you actually move up the divisions!

A club moving forward - We have appointed a new manager who has in turn brought in a lot of quality players, we have had a good run of late (excluding last saturday). We are on target to reach the Unibond Premier. We are financialy stable, have one of the best grounds in non-league, we are in the chesire senior cup final, the mid-chesire semi-final, nearly most of our squad are in their early 20’s, JD is a good manager with a lot of knowledge and experience as has PK, the chairman has a lot of ambition to take the club forward. Our dicipline record has been superb this season, i would expect us to challenge for play off places in the prem next year!!! - what more do you want CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Your living i the past, the days we were in the conference. Get back to reality and get behind the team and help the club reach the heights of the early 90’s otherwise don’t bother watching witton, don’t bother supporting Witton and most of all don’t bother writing utter BULL SHIT on this forum - enough said! UP THE ALBIOn

[quote]Thank u Witton Wanderer u r the first person to actually speak the truth and not try and fill people with utter bullshit, about this and that.
[/quote]<br><br>Jonny, you have a lot to learn. From your immature attitude and the kind of childish mobile phone text language you use, I would guess you’re not very old. God help us if you are. Having seen some of your postings, it’s obvious you see yourself as a "beacon of truth" amongst the smoke that other people are bellowing out. You’ll be telling us the emperor is wearing no clothes next.<br><br>Until you stop using childish language and start writing reasoned, considered messages, no one here is going to take you seriously. But you love it, don’t you? Good old Jonny, speaking the truth when no one else dares. Well, no, Jonny. If the whole world apart from you says 2+2=4, and you decide that saying 2+2=5 is clever and original, then let me tell you that no, it isn’t. It’s just plain wrong. The only thing going for saying 2+2=5 is it’s a lot clearer, shorter and to the point than one of your messages.<br><br>If you think I am making an unreasonable link between your ability to express yourself and what you are trying to say, then yes, I am making the link, but no, I am not being unreasonable.<br>

No use trying to talk sensibly to him, pleae webmaster exclude him.<br><br>He perhaps would have preferred the club to have closed down and not regroup and develop as it is now. <br><br>Of course everynoe hoped the club would have been in the Unibond Premier Lge sooner, but at what price, bankruptcy?<br><br>He is a pain.

Just reflect on how ‘A True Wittoner’ would have thought of your antics on this website - Nuff said me thinks

Jonny, you’re just being an irritant for the sake of it. The only sensible thing to do is ban you (whether you will be banned is another matter), simply to give everyone else a break. I doubt that most of the views you express are your own - I suspect you are fed some of them by another member of your family who used to watch Witton. Well, the time will come when you’re going to have to think for yourself, Jonny.<br><br>I rather think you have a grandiose future view of yourself as "the man who was eventually proved right when no one else would believe him". Think again my young txt-speaking hero.<br><br>By the way, what would your plan of action have been to ensure that Witton were in the Unibond Premier or Conference by now?<br>

Point taken Andy, I will keep it ?:-X

surely, jonny amery cant keep it shut for long?