An absolutely shambolic performance. Every player shouldn’t be payed this week for that. It was just a joke. I have lost the little faith I had left in JD.<br><br>Witton Albion 0-1 Winsford Utd

Better standard of football if I went to watch Sunday league tomorrow and thats free.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear<br><br>I have some pretty ordinary football in my time, but todays perfromance was embarassing for everyone involved with Witton Albion Football Club.<br><br>Gutless, spineless and clueless, would be just some of the descriptive words that can be used. <br><br>Who gave the starting eleven the nerve to suggest that Winsford Untied were a walk over? <br><br>3 leagues below us and we couldn’t even match them.<br><br>I’ll give credit to the visiting team, but how good do we make them look.<br><br>Its not good ebough, If we have the money, maybe now is as good a time to spend some.<br><br>I’ve had my say, I’m sure I will not be the last.

Two goals in seven and half hours + at home. this team is a bloody disgrace, the midfield is totally non existent, we have no leaders at all on the pitch, I was totally embarrased by that team today<br> Sorry the management always get the stick, its a poor reflection of the people that keep the club going day after day. Five games a week on the pitch in order to keep the money coming in !!!. For what ? We are an absolute joke<br>if people are going to pay ?6.50 + ?1.50 a programme<br>the fare that is served up has to improve and quickly.<br>Lets forget about Vics I think weve more problems than them. [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif]<br><br>Someone I will not name said to me after the game.<br>Cheer up its only a game """<br><br>to some sad people like me its a little bit more than that.<br>

I have a sore throat after my efforts to raise money for the club and its not worth it if we are gonna play like that.<br><br> It better improve at Bridlington. >:(

Winsford have been the poor relations of mid-Cheshire for ever - shouldn’t we at least be glad a local team beat us and gets a boost?<br>It’s not the end of the world. JD can’t get it right every week.

Occsasionally comments on this site can be very one-eyed and quite scathing, but anyone trying to defend the team after Saturdays performance must be literally one-eyed. None of the players were worthy of wearing the red and white shirts.<br>No pride, no passion and again (like previous Home games) no creativity.<br>Don’t get me wrong, its not all the teams fault, they only take ditection from the management. It is now time to dip into this "Budget" and bring in a creative midfielder. <br>Andy Barlow in midfield is the "rock", Adam the "engine" Dave Nolan the "Grafter" but then we struggle for the "Creator". I can’t remember the last time Daryl Dicken had a good game, I can’t even remember the last time he beat a player. MM and Lee will struggle if they don’t get the supply.<br>Time to spend money now, before the fans vote with their feet.

Absolutely gutted. ?:frowning: <br>Never did it even cross my mind that we wouldn’t be in tomorrow’s draw for the next round.<br><br>I didn’t think it’d be easy, don’t get me wrong, but I did think they’d be able to raise their game when the going got tough - blatantly I was wrong.<br><br>The home performances are ridiculous. ?The fans are told to get behind the team, but really - how? ?We try, I know I try, but it’s a two way thing and if the players aren’t putting in the effort (that they get paid to put in let’s not forget) - then why the hell should we?<br><br>And the home atmosphere thing is such a crap excuse - there was no atmosphere at Workington yet there was a great performance and result. ?We have arguably one of the best grounds in the league, and definitely one of the best pitches - surely this good football we can play should be easier on our pitch??<br><br>New players are needed; urgently. ?I don’t know whether it’s complacency, but these players now need to fight for their places- show us that they want to play for the club, otherwise be shown the door. ?They’ve all kept their places from last season (which one exception which I’ll come to in a minute) so where is the need for them to up their game? ?Their place in the team seems a dead cert now.<br><br>We NEED a new midfielder - no good relying on us "just possibly" getting this player we’ve been after all pre-season - it doesn’t look like he’s coming - move on - there are other players out there, and we don’t have all season - we’re already out of the Cheshire Senior, and now the FA Cup. ?What do we need to exit next - the trophy - for some action to be taken?<br><br>I have to disagree with you Macca, on one point. ?When Pritch came on yesterday he was worthy of the Witton shirt*. he wanted to win. ?He understood the humiliation of getting knocked out by Winsford, a team 3 (THREE) leagues below us. ?I saw him at the end, head in hands gutted, whilst the rest of them had a ego-boosting punch-up. ?How he is not in the team I do not know. ?If there is anyone who can motivate them and put a bit of passion into the game it is him. ?He must be re-instated in defence and Barlow put in midfield where he is more effective. ?And the captaincy should go back to Pritch - Adam has not shown the leadership qualities we glimpsed in Pre-Season. ?As for the argument that Pritch isn’t always available - shouldn’t we always strive to play our best team considering the players available on the day - not on what is available next week? ?Isn’t the motto - take each day as it comes?? ???<br><br>Completely aside from the players for a moment - it wasn’t only them who let the club down yesterday, but also the fans. [smiley=ranting.gif]<br><br>For every new fan that we entice through the gate, which can be very hard work, the abusive and agressive language witnessed behind the goal at home games will be getting rid of one. ?It’s not so much the swearing - we all swear when we’re frustrated; it’s more the manner - the agressiveness and pure hatred that seems to come across. ?Trying to put this club in good standing in the local community and increase gates is very difficult when this is happening behind the goal, and I’m surprised especially considering that it was a request from the chairman at the Meet the Manager night that this should be greatly reduced - OR else - culprits would be ejected and banned from the ground. ?A bit of common sense, eh? ? ?Let’s try thinking before we speak, and maybe watch the game rather than goading opposing players and fans.<br><br>What a bad day - completely ashamed to be a Witton fan.<br><br>[size=-3]* - along with Danny Salt, otherwise I wouldn’t be running a very good fan club!![/size]

What a complete joke.<br><br>Deb has pretty much said everything there, but I’ll still rant on.<br><br>You can not take any game for granted and credit must be given to winsford who in truth played well and could/should have scored more. (couple of decent saves there Gibbo). But they didn’t exactly look excellent and they matched us.<br>But to not even come particularly close to threatening them, a team 3 yes 3 leagues below is appaling. they have had a good start, undefeated etc but if we were playing a division 3 team away I’d never expect an easy run like we gave them. Pathetic.<br><br>As for supporting the team, again I didn’t think the fans were that bad yesterday. There were songs of encouragement, and several rallies etc and I was still shouting near the end and was about to encourage again even when the whislte went as I thought we’d been awarded a free kick for a late tackle on Andy Barlow. <br>Just by actually being at the game for a start the fans are supporting the team and the club, if such home form/performances continue people won’t even be there to be told to encourage the team. It is certainly a 2 way thing, maybe a 90 minute silence and a churned up pitch for next Saturday will do the trick?<br><br>Regarding team selection no doubt everyone’s will differ but IMO each time Pritch has com on we have looked better with him on and Andy in midfield. Sadly Andy was red carded after the game and will no face a 3 match ban.<br><br>Finally I too was told to "cheer up." <br>If it was just a game I wouldnt be this bothered and further more wouldn’t bother turning up next week.

I’ll let you have that one debbie, Pritch is worthy and I agree whole heartedly, Pritch should have started and without a doubt be made First eleven Captain.<br>Adam did show good qualitues pre-season but now it looks as if its a bridge too far.<br><br>Also, again, debbie, you are the voice of reason. Passion for the cause can very often be mistaken for agression, but yesterday afternoon, some of the comments and bare-faced cheek of some of our fans was unacceptable. Potty mouths!<br><br>P.S. How does someone become a member of the Danny Salt fan club, and do u get a goody bag?

A truly dreadful performance and another possibility of further lucrative cup-ties goes up in smoke. <br>Although I thought this was no walk-over,our previous performances against Nelson and Holker Old Boys last season, teams from the same league as Winsford, did procure a sence of optimism before the match.Never did I expect to lose the game and in such a manner.Have things gotten so bad?<br>It is quite clear now that there are 4 or 5 players,naming no names, that are simply not good enough.I think the fans know who they are, suffice to say Alex Kevan is’nt the only one.<br>It’s time to bring in new faces before it’s too late.<br>I think behaviour on the terraces would improve to if the team played well at home.So far there has not been one good performance at home this season the frustration when it’s plainly obvious where things are going wrong is intolerable.<br>Time for changes and fast!<br>

Yesterday was a disgrace to WAFC. The players and management should be ashamed and the board should condsider the whole affair very seroiusly.Some of the fans behaviour was deplorable towards the opposition, frustrated they may be but this behaviour is disgusting. If the situation continues crowds will be down to 150, ?6.50 is not cheap and fans deserve alot more.Forget about Vics,they are likely to be coming out of their problems smelling of roses,we have more than enough of our own problems, if we can’t address then now -with the extra revenue from vics games, what chance have we in 3 months when it dries up. The current situation is grim and the future bleak.

Neil<br>You mentioned earlier on that Andy Barlow was sent off for what looked like the mother of all ‘Kick offs’, were any other players cautioned?<br><br>

Macca<br>I missed the actual scuffle myself as I had my head in hands and had turned away, however I was told after the game by a director that Andy Barlow was spat at in the face retaliated with a headbutt and was red carded. ?<br>Then Dicko ran over on seeing this and received a punch, the offending Winsford player was also red carded (can’t remember his number).<br><br>So thats a 3 match ban for violent conduct I think which will come through in a couple of weeks roughly.<br><br>Having read the posts I have just remembered the chance of any prize money we have thrown away, there is still the trophy admittedly but looking at the draw - blyth at home if we can’t muster anything better than that against winsford, bearing in mind I think we are the lowest standard to compete in the trophy this season after the restructuring we’ll kiss that goodbye!<br><br>I also presume that the players were due to benefit in some way from a bonus of some variety (as is the usual custom) which they have also blown, are we to take it that they are happy enough with their appearance fee and pretty much guarunteed place?<br><br>Harsh comments maybe but with whats still flying round in my head at the moment…

Not really going to add much apart from after the way we played against Chester with Pritch at the back and Barlow in midfield I was speechless at the team that was put out. Sorry to start jumping on banwagans here but everyone can see that we are still short of a couple of players and maybe if the management are unable to fill those positions we need to think about someone who can? I said last year that no manager should be judged until he has had a summer and a pre season to build, well that has been and gone, are we any better than last season? so far no. Oh and by the way who the hell let me bid ?180 for a liverpool shirt at the sportsmans dinner? no more red wine for me!!!

[smiley=banane.gif]Just glad I wasnt there to witness it must admit i thought teletext had cocked up when i did see the score!!! From afar it sounds like the players aggression would have been better channelled into the 90 mins on the pitch!?!

Still haven’t calmed down.<br><br>BUT<br><br>It is now important to remember that regardless of how awful the players were and how odd the management decisions are, Witton Albion will be here long after they’ve all left. We the fans MUST keep supporting the club as at the end of the day, it is the club we support and not just the current players.<br><br>Aside:- Macca - there is no goodie bag for the Danny Salt fan club - our member numbers are not conducive to that. If you would like to join, you just need to acknowledge how good he was at the end of last season (seeing the Bishop Auckland away game would help!) and believe he deserves a starting place in the team. (Not hard at the moment, I know!) He’s that player at the moment that everyone has decided they don’t like, and no matter how good he performs, people will never like him - so the fan club aims to change that!!

Sorry Deb got to dissagree as much as I like Dannys work rate there is no way he can be picked above Evans, 6 good games in 20 isn’t up to my standards I’m affraid

firstly think danny salt is a good player so wud like to join his fan club if pos debs!<br><br>also winsford wont be goin newhere further in the cup as they have been drawn away at lincoln!<br><br>awful performance and wen MM misses that many chances you know its not goin to be your day, cant believe that goal mouth scramble didnt go in for us!!! some new players yes, but still believe we should stick with the management, swapping managers every week hasnt exactly worked for our neighbours has it

Well I have let you all get on with, how many times have I been slagged off by so many people when I have said that Davison is a crap manager.<br><br>Last season, this season you have all called me, now you are agreeing with me.<br><br>When are the Board finally going to see sense and get rid of him before it is to late, I am not going to waste my hard earned money watching a pathetic team he puts out at home.<br><br>5 matches, 2 goals for, one win and one draw, how to get the crowds back.<br><br>You were all calling for Benny Phillips’s head, bloody hell his record was far superior than this clown we have in charge now.<br><br>Come on Mr Worthington, sack him, NOW