Favourite all-time Witton player?

Whose yours?

Paul Cuddy

Been watching the Albion for around 7 years off and on, mainly last 5, so cant really pick players from our ‘glory days’<br><br>personal favourites would include Eddie Bishop and Colin Rose when both at the top of thier form, excellent players<br><br>Pritch has also been one of if not the best player for witton since ive been watching- keep it up Brian!

Whos yours Akie? cant start a topic n put put your opinion!

:slight_smile: not easy to select one after nearly 40 years watching so id go with a select few who have impresssed so much on different positions - smiling now just thinking about them<br><br>goalkeeper keith mason<br>defender john goryl<br>midfield dave carrick- for the skill<br>midfield andy grimshaw- for the tackles<br>striker carl thomas<br><br>im sure there will be others who when i see them ill agree with as well.

I’d have to say Gibbo is up there along with Pritch, Matt Garner and Mike Moseley. All recent players cos’ I have only been going the same time as Simmo really.<br><br> Was a big Dave Anane fan in the day!

Well its a tough call, but as a kid I remember the players from Stan Allens Promotion side, and I am picking 3 from that era.<br><br>GK = Keith Mason<br>MD = Andy Grimshaw<br>S = Karl Thomas<br><br>

would be difficult to pick a goalkeeper I was lucky enough to see some great ones at Witton… Alcock, Parkinson, fitzy, Mason even Ian Senior who I think gave us the best start to a season ever going 6 games without conceding a single goal if memory serves me right (Chad will probably correct me on that one) But for one performance alone I will pick Mason an away game at Telford kept them out on his own, outstanding.

Agree with Jac - Cuddy absolute class whilst appearing effortless.<br><br>Joe Connor & Les Milner were both personal favourites and both out and out wingers! <br><br>

Without considering current playing staff (there’s one long serving, talented and wholehearted player on the books now who ought to be high on the list for anyone’s favourite Witton player!), then I’d go for :<br><br>Goalkeeper - Bob Fletcher<br><br>Defender - John Goryl<br><br>Midfield - Nigel Gleghorn<br><br>Forward - Karl Thomas.<br><br>Extremely tough choice, with a long list of very close runners up.

hmmmm been a few over the years but Grimshaw,Burke and Thomas for me

goalkeeper will have to be keith mason, defender is steve mcneilis, midfielder stewart anderson, and without any doubt KARL THOMAS the best striker we have had. who remebers the goal against wycombe in the fa trophy pure class. still watch the video now

Keeper - Mason (really nice guy too!)<br><br>Defender - Martin Faulkner! :o<br><br>(Only joking - Pritch is it really!)<br><br>Midfielder - Grimmer - scary man<br><br>Striker - got to be Karl Thomas - the only player I ever took penalties with when I was mascot!!! AND I had longer hair than him!!<br><br><br><br>

My choices probably:<br><br>GK - Keith Mason (I remember a shoot out win at the DF in 95 very well!)<br><br>Defence - 420odd games and counting. <br><br>Midfield - Gleghorn<br><br>Forward - Horsfield

writing this at work so thats why its coming in bits, don’t want the boss catching me, defender I already said for the very reasons Andy has given, midfield has given me the biggest problem so far Grimshaw/Anderson has to be up there Joe connor on the wing was a favourite, Brendan Batson was pure class but far too brief a spell, Gary Boyle hardest working midfielder I’ve seen but going to pick Paul Lodge for making the biggest difference to a team I thought when he signed he lifted the team we had up a level. Taken me all day to put this lot together you know.

Good to see you putting in a hard day’s work, and getting something constructive done Jac!

:slight_smile: Favourite all-time Witton player? Got to be Karl Thomas for me. Didn’t matter how indifferently Witton had been playing. He’d always seem to score a goal (or two) to save the day!

Kept me very busy this has Debbie ::slight_smile: ok Strikers, Karl Thomas I think would be first on anyones list but I’m going to mark him down because I think he had the best service any stricker has had at Witton, Geoff Horsefield stood out a mile in a very poor team, Brendan Burke a great individual player but didn’t get my vote because far too much of an individual. I used to love Tony Jarvis but mainly for his mentalilty more than ability, so its back to my younger days again john Walker a big hero of mine as a kid but on top of the lot for me has to be Peter Henderson mainly for being the only played I’ve ever seen A) put a football straight through a net and B) the only played I have ever seen score 7 goals in one game!

7 in a game we don’t score that many in a month at the moment!

Ah, those were the days! ‘Henderson is magic’ ringing round the ground, 7 goals in the 11 - 0 victory over Radcliffe Borough, 13 - 0 against Middlewich, and what was probably most satisfying the 9 - 1 victory over Nantwich Town, who were above us in the table at the time the match was played.