FC Utd v Th'Albs Tuesday 3rd September 2013

The Development Fund will be running a coach to the game at Bury v FC Utd of Manchester.

Departs Memorial Hall - 18.00 returning straight after the game - Fares £10 Adults, £8 Full Time Students, £5 U16’s.

Please book on here or with Neil, Jim or myself asap.

Nice one Andy i’ve booked my seats with Neil.

Penny black around 4 anybody? :wink:

Penny Black at 4…
Im there from 3 :slight_smile:

Could be interesting given the alleged scalping of Tuck by the FC UTD fans .Now if he was to play …but I have to say ,I am disappointed with the dithering attitude of the management .Fines are swiftly handed out for players turning up late even wearing green but Pritch is at a loss it appears as to what to do next ! The gaffer said in this weeks Guardian that the FAs ponderous approach wasnt helping him or the club .Well we all know the FA and Mark must surely have an inside track and Prirch must be pretty close to popular opinion given his day job .So make a decision for Christ’s sake ,you know the FA will then react at least !
Personally , whilst I have some sympathy for Tuck he brought this on himself and it was destined to end in tears .
WA is a proud and well run club with a good reputation but the management have to take a stance which means make a decision FFS !.

I’m fairly sure the club can’t act until the FA investigation is complete. The FA are a law unto themselves so it is a guessing game as to when that may be. Since we’ve heard nothing we must assume the club have heard nothing.

However when it comes to the discipline of players, Mark pointed out on the podcast it is a decision for the board to take not the management. I’m sure the management team have had their opinions sought from the board and those will be considered when a decision is made.

Plus is Tuck fit? No pre season remember

I think the point is if we have not heard from the FA ? then we can decide to play him or not until we do hear from them ! And i would bet my weeks wages he is fitter than fossie & thompson even without preseason and he would certainly give us a very good hour from the start or even use him as an imapact sub when required. I just cannot see the need to prevaricate either - it sounds like politics to me !

So If we have decided to keep him then play him, if we havedecided not to then release him and we can all move on, I dont like what Tuck did and certainly do not condone his actions or views but does he not deserve a second chance - if he apolgises sincerely and recants his views ! if he does not or will not then his position is really untenable.

I’ll take that bet CJ!!! :cheer: :cheer:

I would love Tuck to play against FC, at the moment hes desperate to play and he would run through a brick wall to get a game right now!
We all know he did wrong and served a prison term so lets just move on, im fed up with fans saying hes tarnished the family image of Witton Albion so he must be sacked! Lets get some balls and say hes our player, he loves the club and the fans and if hes fit he plays!
FC fans taunt him with really sick stuff about the death of his parents all the time, i know he would love to stick those taunts down their throats in the best way possible and thats by scoring goals against them!

I did hear a great suggestion at the end last night. We should have an information meeting. That way the club can let the fans know exactly what’s going on with all the issues. Might even take a few quid behind the bar.

Sorry for intruding on this topic but I have no problem clarifying my erm dithering. The future of Mr Tuck is a decision made by the board, that decision will be announced by the board. I have a player back in training who ironically has not kicked a ball since FC united and has done very little ball or fitness work since then until his return to training. When he is at the required fitness level as with all players, he will be considered for selection its as simple as that whether that’s this week or next.
With regards to the FA I am just disappointed that a decision on what they want to do or not has not been made as its unfair on all involved.
I completely agree that an information meeting would be useful or alternatively if you have questions to ask about this or anything else then come and ask them tomorrow or training nights.

Sorry for contributing to taking this off topic (I don’t need a seat andy) but my silence doesn’t mean I am dithering on decisions.

Well said Mr Pritchard, I don’t always agree with your decisions but what I accept is that you make them for what you consider to be the good of the club. Never gad you down as a “Ditherer” though you did drive me nuts when you came out of defence with the ball at your feet instead of “leathering” it downfield!! As for Shaun I still await a written apology on here or in the press, when I see one I will be happy to see him play again for our club, but not before.
WHS. :clap

“gad” should of course read “had”.

A truly pathetic view of our now politically sensitive country, Mr Tuck has his views and my father like hundreds of thousands like him fought for his right to express them, it doesn’t matter a toss if someone disagrees with him, like it or not we are SUPPOSED to have freedom of speech in this country, funny how very little is said when the tables are turned (racial hatred only applies to whites you know !!! ) He has opinions, we all do, this is a TINY football club that on the worlds stage means absolute SHT, if he goes someone else will sign a bloody good player at our cost, in truth NOBODY outside this club gives a monkey’s what he or anyone else says, it’s all just bullsht politics…
Get over it and stop thinking the world thinks we are better and above !!!

One of the main problems of this is some of our fans reactions. Some went on social media declaring they agreed with everything he wrote. One even went as far to say they were racist and proud! This has caused a divide within our fan base.

Well it’s clear theres a great deal of frustration regarding the Tuck issue on all sides but the fans are incapable of declaring the club’s hand so it’s down to the management or is it the directors or is it the FA ?..with respect,the attempted response from the gaffer really told us nothing.
Let’s hope we don’t dither on the pitch anyway !

[quote=“Forever and ever” post=51306]Well it’s clear theres a great deal of frustration regarding the Tuck issue on all sides but the fans are incapable of declaring the club’s hand so it’s down to the management or is it the directors or is it the FA ?..with respect,the attempted response from the gaffer really told us nothing.
Let’s hope we don’t dither on the pitch anyway !

It was very clear. He said the decision rests with the board, when the player is fit he’ll be considered for selection.

Why don’t you take up Pritch on the offer and speak to him today?

I may well do RAbbitsopinion,but to be told what exactly - nothing i can do ,its a decision by the board ? they have had what must be 4 months to work that one out and we still wait as they look to the FA or anyone else to make it for them.Until its made ,we don’t move on and it undermines our football

I agree that it rumbles on but I think the order things are been done is get shaun up to match fitness and then see where we are.

At the end of the day if he isn’t match fit then everything else is irrelevant for now.

Fox, you may not realise it but advocating violence in print for any reason is illegal in this country. Shaun has only to say “Sorry” for advocating violence against Muslims and for me that would be the end of the matter, but I am still waiting.
PS But I still hate racism in all its forms, how you can hate a group of people I fail to understand, you can hate bad people but that encompasses ALL races.

I get your point WHS but you certainly give the impression of hating any Man Utd supporters and of course The Vics so you arguably one of the last people to advise Fox !
In fact you could count yourself lucky you weren’t sat in her majesty’s alongside Tucky Egg !!