Frickley is ON


Updates on here from 7.45 onwards or as soon as I hear anything from Neil.

MAGIC!! I will be online most of the time.<br>WHS

Come on Witton!! Lets have anutha good win 2nite!! I will constantly b checkin the site to c how we r doin im off to watch wateva champions league game is on in the union now! Come on Witton!!

Latest Score: FRICKLEY ATHLETIC 2 WITTON ALBION 0.<br><br>A late kick off and Neil has only just arrived.

Latest Score: FRICKLEY ATHLETIC 2 WITTON ALBION 1.<br><br>Chris Gahgan pulls one back for the albion.

Flippin heck not the greatest of starts!! Come on Witton!! Lets pull it back and carry on our unbeaten run!!

Apologies from Neil for the delay.<br><br>Witton team<br><br>Kennedy, Gahgan, Brownhill, Pritchard, Barras, Spearritt, Alex Brown, Connors, Moseley, Griff Jones, Lloyd.<br><br>Subs: Warlow, Peers, Hockenhull.

Apparently we were 2-0 down inside 2 minutes.

Come on the Albs, you can do it.<br>WHS.

Frickley down to 10 men following an elbow on Griff Jones.

Half Time Score: FRICKLEY ATHLETIC 2 WITTON ALBION 1.<br><br>Albion having more of the game towards the interval.

With them down to 10 men we must have a good chance in the second half surely?<br>WHS.

Ten men is no match for us!

30 guests and ten users online!!<br>Is this a record?!

C’mon Witton!<br>Let’s have another!

Come on Witton!! Ten men we should at least be able to pull bvack one more goal! Come on Witton!!!


Come on Witton the support is here for you on this forum!! Lets see you get at least one more!!!

Let’s have some good news on here please!