<br>Just thought I would bring you up to date with our efforts so far, to assist the club and Jim Vince with regard to raising funds to increase the playing budget.<br><br>We have set ourselves the target of raising ?250.00 per week.<br><br>So far we have raised/been donated in excess of ?3000.00 which is a fantastic effort, and to those people who have supported this initiative I would like to thank them.<br><br>So far 22 people have supported this scheme<br><br>We are however a long way short of our target total of ?10000. So we need more people to get involved, in any way small or large to help keep OUR CLUB competitive.<br><br>If you would like to donate anything towards the Teams budget then please contact me, Jim Powell or Len Holman. You can donate on a standing order or by seeing us in person.<br><br>Alternatively, we would love you to raise funds in any way you see fit. Sponsored events, functions in the social club etc. <br><br>You will also be able to rely on the support of Jim Vince, Benny and the 1st teams attendance at any event you organise.<br><br>Its OUR club, nobody elses and its up to us to help Jim to build on the foundation he has laid<br><br>No negative responses to this post please!<br><br>Over to you guys<br><br><br> <br>

Good start to the efforts of all, as I said to Chad on Tuesday we’re holding a comedy night at Hartford social on the 24th and I was thinking of trying the same thing at Witton if all goes well, The idea is similar to a sportsman dinner only instead of a 3 course dinner its a hotpot and instead of paying for a big name sporstman we get 3 comedians for the same price and then just charge ?10 it gives all the supporters who think the dinners are a little expensive a chance to come and support a fund raising evening.

Me and Yox have been putting our heads together trying to think of a sponsored event. Yox is more of a hinderance than a help, so it’s not going as smoothly as we had planned!<br><br>Seriously though, we are trying to come up with something, even if it just raises ?100 or so.

More of a hindrance?? Me? <br>It was 1oclock in the morning when you were trying to think of something!!

I think the comedy night is a good idea. We have done a similar thing in the past and it was quite well supported. I would definitely give that a go and try and persuade a few more along.

Just to mention, that the 200 club is about to close for memberships.<br>It is a simple way of donating a small one-off sum of ?10 for 10 monthly draws of which ?5 of your ?10 goes into the players fund.<br>Get your family and friends to join, please see Len Holman of Andy Chadwick at tomorrows match, every little helps.<br>There are still a lot of wittoners that haven’t joined, so get round the people you know tomorrow and get them to join

To all the people who have helped the scheme so far, thank you and Saturday was the perfect example of how well Jim is using your donations.<br><br>Now I know money can’t buy success but how about we put a value on Saturdays result to you - say ?10.00.<br><br>IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, then please think about putting a tenner, or any amount you feel reasonable into the scheme to help sustain the playing squad at its current level?<br><br>I would love to be holding 50 tenners at MARINE tomorrow. I’ll start it off so 49 to go!<br><br>Over to you <br><br>AC <br><br>

Thanks to all those people who donated money again last night. Apologies for having to relyon and ask the same people. If you haven’t got involved then feel free to contact me, Len Holman, Andy Lomas or Jim Powell ;D

Another update you have donated/raised/contributed the sum of ?5000.00 so far this season. We are past the halfway mark, but every penny counts.<br><br>We have the Winter Ball on December 2nd and a race night organised for the third week in January which we will need your support for.<br><br>In addition if anyone feels like organising any other events then please contact me, Len or Jim Powell and we will do our utmost to help and support you. ;D<br><br>Once again many thanks to everyone who has helped thus far.<br><br>AC

well done to evry1 at the club it will hopefully pay off come the end of this season ;D i am currently away at uni so cannot contribute but when i get back home at christmas i will try my hardest to spare sum cash but being a student it aint gna b easy!! lol but as i say i will try my hardest to support my beloved club!!

Would of been up for that Winter Ball, but my works xmas do falls on the same night. Would gladly of missed the work do, but had already bought my ticket by the time i heard about this - if i can sell it on then i will be there.

Still think ?1 a point is a good idea, gives the team extra incentive. Maybe even have a bonus for any goals ove three say. I am up for it, what do you think?<br>WHS

Well WHS if you think it’s a good idea<br>We the fundraisering gang are all for it, (I think I can speak for us all) when are you starting to get a list together of subscribers I for one will willingly give you my ?1 per point, please start it going as soon as you can<br>As we desperately need more funds urgently

I will be at the match on Saturday and will give my ?3 to GE at the end of the game when we have secured the 3 points, notice I say when not if. I suggest any like minded soul do the same, even 10 people means ?30 a game the way we are playing!!<br>WHS.

WHS GE is nothing to do with the the fundraising, we need someone like you to contact people and also to collect the money and hand it over to either Andy Chad, Jim Powell, Andy Lomas or myself

Message for Andy Chad, just been having a look at FC Uniteds website to see how they got on at Wincham Park today (1-1 by the) way and noticed something that I thought would be a great idea for us, They have a PAYPAL account so donations can be made by credit card from anywhere in the world. I know we have a lot of supporters who live in distant areas so they would be able to donate and even locals who can’t make the games would be able to do so easily. I have a PAYPAL account already as do most people who use ebay and its real easy to set up (I would be happy to do it myself if you wish) <br> Just a thought let me know what you think, I’m in work all night (again!!!)

Great idea mate. Maybe start a new thread or get someone to set up a link with your Account details on and then take it from there.<br><br>

maybe someone could use ebay to sell stuff from the club shop extra revenue an all which would incorperate the paypal account.

Not happy with ebay or PayPal, had some people trying to access them from abroad and I don’t think they are as secure as they should be. I closed my account. Nothing to stop people just sending cheques to Witton, and a lot safer.<br>WHS.

Think the idea of marketing the club via Paypal is great, have used it loads and never had any problems - think of all the exiled Wittoners in Australia, Canada and beyond. An online club shop could be a great idea for raising monies. Anyone abroad would not want to send a cheque.