Gateshead vs Witton

Halftime 1-1.

Scorer: Yates after 5 minutes<br><br>Hit the post too!<br><br>Thanks to Neil for the information

Apparently pushing plenty of men forward which is a good thing.

Half time <br>Roving reporter states slip by pritch let them in.<br>Performance "So So, settle for a draw"<br>Thanks G/goal.

Whose the roving reporter?

Alan Potts (hes in the same car as Neil !!!)

I believe Toneeeeeeeeeee made the trip to cos’ he was excited about the new manager.

Who is sadder me and u or the poor souls at Gateshead ?

I think we all know the answer to that one!<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>psst! (it’s them)

Come on lads! I’ve got 15 quid riding on this!


2 -1 down >:(<br>Playing shit*


Going the pub fed up

Too flippin right!<br><br>Looks like my other two games of falkirk and histon are coming in as well…grrr, i would have won 81 quid. Ah well, win some lose some.

Gateshead 2-1 Witton Albion FT

???<br>B----r must have been a bad performance, we beat em 4-1 and only played average a couple of weeks ago, thought the new mgr would have got them up for the match and we certainly should have won - maybe he can see we need some players and maybe some of the ones in the team know and responded accordingly ? <br>Lets look forward to tuesday and see if he can get them up for that one, heres hoping.<br><br>ps the reserves won 2-0 away at Club AZ another team challenging, however didnt play as well as v Gamesly.

Hmm, think we were the sad ones. 360 mile round trip for a very poor game and poor performance.<br><br>Team:<br>Gibson, Evans, Tickle, Furnival, Pritch, Foy, Baker, Stannard, Barlow, Yates, Moseley<br>Subs:<br>Used: Madin for Foy<br>Not used: Bird, Burton<br><br>Att 125 (15 from Witton)<br><br>Took the lead on 9 minutes apparently (sos Akie just a rough guess) when Yates tussled with a defender before slotting home into the far corner.<br>Our defence seemed v flat footed and got done for a pace a couple of times which told when they hit the equaliser. There were a couple of other scares where Gibbo saved us before Foy hit the post with a header and Baker (I think) had one cleared off the line.<br><br>HT 1-1<br><br>Second half never really happened, very disjointed and lacked any creativity, composure, final ball et al!<br>They scored from a corner when it appeared as though Gibbo should have claimed a ball which went across the 6 yard line. 2-1.<br>Last 15 saw Madin introduced and more pressure applied but without ever really testing the keeper. The closest we came was when Madin broke through, a clear one on one with the keeper only to have the whistle blown and us awarded a free kick just inside their half. Kin great, that was probably our chance and a godawful decision meant it was gone. He may well have missed, but that would at least have been our fault.<br><br>Overall a very diappointing game which no doubt confirmed the managers thought that we need fresh blood at the club. Sooner rather than later on this showing. We have to give the management team a chance though, some players however may have had theirs.

VERY disappointing but life goes on. Lets recover against Workington who have only 1 in their last 5 matches!<br><br> But that was against us in the League Cup.

Not a good game and an even worse result.<br><br>But, at least the manager has no delusions regarding the task ahead - it would have been worse if we’d scraped out a result in the long run. <br><br>Finners said he needed to give the players a chance to prove themselves worthy of their place before he brings in other players. Well they had it, and many of them proved exactly how worthy they are.<br><br>Bring on the changes.