Ilkeston Town V Witton

Is anyone doing up dates today?

I will be doing them!!!

Witton Team


Barras (C)





Dean Crowe and Dorryl Proffitt unfit.

Cheers Greenie mate.


Albion 1-0 up - Steve Brodie a rasping shot in off the bar.

beat me to it!!!

Sorry Greenie mate!!![br][size=1]Posted on: September 22, 2007, 03:10:51 PM[/size][hr]Salisbury 1-0 up and the referee’s name?

Mr Robert Whitton !

2-0 Thornley!

Mr Rabbit says that so far it’s a very impressive performance, but Ilkeston haven’t really started.

Yes! good news! compensating for the bad game on saturday then? :smiley:

Guiseley losing at home to Lincoln
Gateshead drawing at Matlock.
Fleetwood losing at Eastwood.

And Vics 2-0 down. happy days so far…

Alty, York and Stafford also winning!

Final Score won 2-0

Fleetwood down 2-1 at Eastwood.

Matlock v. Gateshead and Guiseley v. Lincoln both 1-1. That puts us top of the table.

Good result, nice to get back to winning ways - and nice to be back on top of the league, let’s hope we can stay there!

Anyone back from Ilkeston yet? What was the game like?

Agree with Stu, kept the ball very well, they hit the woodwork 3 times in the first half but all were from long range efforts. Took our goals very well. Kennedy’s save in the first minute of the decond half was world class. Top marks to the following and also to Dave C with his zigger - zaggers, mind you the 10 pints he consumed before and at the break must have helped. You only dream of days like this, all out closest rivals dropping points, the Arabs losing…again and all their rivals winning, great, oh yeh, the Baggies won at Scunny, heaven.

Fantastic result! Well done! Great that other results went our way :)And another clean sheet Awesome! It sounds like Kennedy had a fantastic game, Bring on Alty :wink:

Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday.
Fantastic to see a win in my final away game before I go off to uni.

Brodie took his goal well following a superb through ball by Thornley, before also scoring with a close range effort. I think that the Ilkeston players thought that they should have had a free kick as Barras came in behind the defender before Thornley scored and I am almost inclined to agree with them.

Kennedy was terrific in goal and throughly deserved his clean sheet.

Lloydy dominated midfield yet again and was probably the next best IMO.

As I said above it was my last away game before I go to uni, however, fortunately we have one other game before I go, so hopefully we will get a win on Tuesday as well.

Up the Albion!!