Ilkeston vs Witton

The guys have probably already left but is anyone looking at this gna b doin the updates 2day? If not i will get in touch with neil

your turn today 8)

Jonny, im waiting to see if Neil texts me.

ok, thx

Witton team<br><br>Kennedy, Spearritt, Brownhill, Pritchard, Barras, Bowler, Alex Brown, Connors, Moseley, Warlow, Gahgan.<br><br>Subs: Alistair Brown, Peers, Frost.

wonder if Gaghan is going for a hat trick today :wink:



Witton Substitution:<br><br>Jon Kennedy injured, replaced by Mark Peers.<br>Steve Connors taken over in goal.

o no!! hope kennedy will b alrite and not out for too long!! come on stevie!! come on witton!!

oh no! hope he’s ok…<br><br>c’mon lads

Finished 0 - 0. Witton well on top despite not having a regular keeper second half, from what I’ve been told.


neva mind can settle with a draw afta kennedy going off injured can only help but feel 2 pints lost though neva mind lets make sure we take maximum against fleetwood

Fingers crossed that JK’s injury is not too serious

We played really well second half, and i dare say stevie connors would make a decent stand-in for JK!!!<br>Same ref as the Telford game apparantly, so no favours expected or received.<br><br>Can’t help but wish i’d been in Brighton today… ?;D

Brighton :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D<br><br>Vics :cry:

UniBond Premier League ? Saturday November 11th 2006<br><br>ILKESTON TOWN 0 WITTON ALBION 0 <br><br>TEAM: Kennedy: Spearritt (Peers H/T), Pritchard, Barras, Brownhill; Bowler, Brown Alex, Connors, Gahgan; Moseley, Warlow (Frost 83). Sub n/u Brown Alistair <br><br><br>Albion extended their unbeaten league run to seven matches at windswept Ilkeston despite having to play the whole of the second period without keeper Jon Kennedy. He?d sustained a pelvic injury and Steve Connors went between the posts.<br><br>All in all it was a good workmanlike performance by everyone and very pleasing to see Adam Warlow back in the line-up whilst Mark Peers came through 45 minutes unscathed. Albion?s first chance came on 21 minutes when Warlow got through the middle but his shot drifted agonisingly wide of the upright. 4 minutes later the striker cut in from the left flashing a shot just over the crossbar. Ilkeston then put the Albion goal under a bit of pressure and Kennedy, who?d received treatment already when he dived to save, got hurt again stretching to palm a shot away. <br><br>With Connors in goal surprisingly the home team didn?t really test him. Instead it was Witton who bossed most of the second period. Mike Moseley sent his shot narrowly wide just after the restart. Albion then again suffered at the hands of the referee when Chris Gahgan had his legs whipped from under him as he burst into the penalty area but play on said the official.<br><br>Mike Bowler, resigned for a further month, tried a 25 yard drive on 56 minutes that ended wide of target and Gahgan saw his hard shot beaten out by keeper Ben Scott. The keeper was very fortunate when his attempted clearance rebounded off Warlow and he was able to retrieve the ball as it headed towards goal. Peers twice got into good positions but his ultimate shots were well off target.<br><br>A good point, could have been three, and with two home fixtures to balance the season coming up then a maybe a sound base to push on. <br>

Excellent battlling performance, felt the team played exceptionally well in protecting Connors. The ref didnt do us any favours and the Ilkeston fans very subdued the only time they got excited was when JK got injured and needed treatment :-X<br><br>PS MOM Bowler best game he’s had in an Albion shirt.<br><br>Pass the After Eights

I think Chris Gaghan is starting to reach the level of performance he was showing in the first few games of the season. He if he can keep playing well then we may not miss Whalley too much.<br>One thing that i notice though, is that despite playing with 2 out and out wingers we rarely seem to put telling crosses into the box.