JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was all for the decision to let our tenants groundshare for the two seasons agreed but was not so keen to allow that extension to continue to allow tham to stay in the conference this year especially with the mocking we have recieved, so I believe that we should start a consertive effort to let the Chairman and the board know that we do not want to allow them to extend any longer the 'just say no campain’will begin and if the chairman will not listen then he’s not the person I thought he was. MAKE YOUR VIEWS KNOWN NOW!!!

What a load of bloody nonsense, take the money and build for the future.<br><br>The Board we have now are very well clued up on business, good business, not to listen to this nonsense. If all Wittoners were turning out and we were getting gates of 600 - 800 then it would be a different matter, but we are not.<br><br>Don’t you consider the financial position of our Club before starting ridiculous campaign’s - you are talking absolute nonsense.

I must say I can see where Jac is coming from, but how about this? Offer them a contract to use the ground for the rest of this season. Pay up front (the ‘consortium’ is supposed to be putting plenty of money in!). If they get their ground ready, then they could play reserve fixtures at Wincham Park.

Totally agree with Anstey,this is a business deal and the extra revenue will come in very useful. If we were getting 500+ gates and did’nt need the money fair enough but the only way we will get bigger and better is by generating more income. Enough said!!

Look at the bigger picture, an extra couple of thousand now or Vics out of the conference and unable to attract sponsors etc in the lower leagues that they do now who do buinesses go with now if they have a choice of two clubs at different levels? JUST SAY NO!

A couple of thousand, you are talking absolute rubbish, several thousands of pounds, how do you think the Board have made so much more money available for the Management?<br><br>Certainly not through the Witton supporters, good luck to the Board, its good business and long may it contimue. <br><br>Jac you are talking an absolute load of nonsense, SUPPORT THE BOARD. No cause problems

rubbish, our big chance here should have taken it in june and the budget was agreed long before they asked to come back. Funny how not seen you post before, a northwicher who knows they could be doomed?

I’m with Jac on this one, long term gain must be looked at.

Been watching Witton for a long time and I agree the s**t we have taken over the last few years especially when the groundshare was thought to be coming to an end and they were saying how glad they dind’t have to come and play at our ‘swamp’ I agree SAY NO time to think about our long term future and not theirs!

Agreed there is a sizeable amount of money to be lost by not letting them share BUT I remember a fans meeting b4 the groundshare when Mike told the fans that we had 2years whilst Vics were going to be out of town to wipe them off the map.<br>Let us not forget that when Mr Roberts bailed us out by buying the land, Vics refused all overtures and dismissed any suggestion of getting involved at WP, whilst all the time they were waiting in the wings to buy the place at a knockdown price.<br><br>We are going to have to live without there income one day soon, so it might as well be November as next April.<br><br>It would be interesting to see the views expressed on the website by all regulars(No Non De Plumes Please).<br><br>

My opinion is mixed. People will know how I feel about the tenants if you have had one conversation with me on the subject.<br><br>Andy is spot on with regards how they viewed us, and have tried to kill us off before. Witton fans (and mike roberts buying the land) bailed us out, and many people worked very hard to ensure the club survived. ( we also later fought against Warrender and his cronies to keep our club) To go into any form of permanent groundshare or worse would be an insult to these people and their efforts.<br><br>That is however not really the topic but i fear getting too friendly with them. The money is very good, we are well aware of that and can we afford to turn down that sort of money? Well I was under the impression the budget was going to be risen before they agreed to stay. Without knowing who Anstey is at last years AGM it was discussed how we would cover the lost income. (9mths in advance). We do plan for things unlike other clubs it seems. And the raising of the budget does have a link to the supporters who support the lottery, and the various development events/fundraisers, if we all stopped doing this no doubt the budget would drop. Don’t fall into their trap of believeing we will be doomed once they leave!<br><br>In short for me unless we seriously increase the fee (ownous on the board) they can, you know, politely leave. There is certainly a window of opportunity for us, especially if we can have a good season to indeed hit them very hard. (what kind of sponsors etc would want to be associated with that shambles) at the end of the day they are messing us around, expecting us to do things I’m 99% sure they wouldnt for us, there comes a time when you have to say no. <br><br>Petty as it is I’ll feel a lot better about the place knowing we have our own ground back as some other helpers have expressed. Their attitude and respect for the favours we do them are incredible and have to be seen to be believed from the fans (of whom you expect it) to the players and officials. They treat us like s*** (bearing in mind the games which we will definately benefit from.) maybe we should return the favour for the sake of a few thousand? <br><br>In the mean time we must put our faith in the board who have lead us so far.<br>

I think it’s time we turned them down and started to treat as we have been treated, I still remember them capaigning to keep us in a lower league and you can’t say it’s different people at the healm because it ain’t.

Well here is my two pence worth on the matter…<br><br>I think it is fair to say that no one wants them here on our ground because of the obvious natural history between the two clubs. People also remember quite rightly how in the past they have not exactly been full of neighbourly co operation towards us.<br><br>However we have to look at it now from our point of view. The club is being run on a sound financial footing from my understanding which it will continue to do with the foundations that have laid by the existing board.<br><br>The money from Vics has helped a hell of a lot in maintaining and speeding up this financial stability. From my understanding the money we get till November was never forseen in the budget and it is great extra revenue for us. <br><br>IF and only IF Vics ask to extend the groundshare longer than November for a longer period for the forth coming seaon then i think we would be stupid to turn it down. Now bearing in mind that Runcorn are having to pay ?60000 to play 25 games in their home stadium, thats ?2400 per game, then maybe we should be charging along similar lines for continual use of our stadium.<br><br>At the end of the day what they are doing shouldn’t really bother us, it should be what is for the good of Witton Albion FC that should concern us and no matter how much we dislike them or wish them not to be here if it is to be extended then i have no problem with it.

Interesting comments! Just wanted to give a quick board perspective on this issue. <br><br>1.The decision to let them continue to ground share was a purely business one; nothing more. Second point to make is that they are paying significantly more this season than they were last. We would not have done the deal on any other basis because we had been planning to have other WAFC teams at Wincham Park this term. So having to about turn was a pain in the proverbial.<br><br>2. We had decided to increase the playing budget before the request to extend came from Vics, but I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone when it did. As far as we’re concerned the arrangement ends on November 6th. This is the deadline they’ve been given by the Conference, and the Margate episode suggests that even the old boys act at Conference HQ only stretches so far. <br><br>3. If Vics did request an extension, we’d then be duty-bound to consider it from a purely business POV and extract the best possible price for WAFC. At the end of the day, it would have been financial madness to turn down the deal we have, but we’re not in the business of doing a competitor favours. And if they go bust, then we owe it to the supporters of WAFC to extract any potential benefits we can.<br><br>Personally, all I care about is driving WAFC forward by generating as much dough as we can to put on the field to get the team to the highest possible level. Football is unique 'cos we all connect with it emotionally. But sometimes you’ve got to be objective and focus on what’s best for us. After all, charity starts at home!!<br><br>We’re on the verge of something really good at Witton, providing we all stay together and go in the same direction.

When I first became involved with Witton nearly six years ago we were in a terrible state, no one would dispute that.<br><br>There was a tremendous response to the Board’s request for financial support, shares were bought and loans were given to the club. With that support, the Directors at that time were able to act in the best interests of the business, the club and the supporters.<br><br>Its been a long hard drag, financial stability has only arrived in the last twelve months but there is still work to do to improve facilities. We want to spend several thousand pounds on improving the social club, we want to win something.<br><br>I have been reminded many times that I am not a local, fine I can live with that, I joined the Club at the invitation of the Chairman, to work alongside him and try and secure a future for Witton Albion that has been completed. The dislike of the opponents is understandable and the banter which appears on the web site is again acceptable, but not to the degree where it could effect the financial standing of the Club. If we were to turn down the request we would be not acting in the best interests of the business as Directors are required to do.<br><br>What I cannot understand is criticism of a decision, a business decision which will further strengthen Witton Albion Football Club. If the Vics stay all season, whose to say they wont, the money that will generate will give us the opportunity to carry out work without resorting to borrowing money. We already have the money in place from the bank to carry major renovations within the Club, but if we don’t have to borrow then so be it.<br><br>We want to get the team in Conference North, we have given the Manager the highest budget in my time at the Club and he has our backing to take the Club further. We tried to buy a player the other day a four figure fee was offered, unfortunately we were turned down, <br><br>So in concluding, support the Club, support the Development Association, support the team and most of all support your Board, let them make sound business decisions of which they are more than capable of doing. I can assure you in any other business, the deal negotiated with Northwich would be regarded as a very sound business deal.<br><br>The way forward is to have 500 Wittoners at every home match.

Thanks for the response so far to this thread it has been good to see a few peoples views but mine so far has not been changed by the arguments put forward. I will ask this would it be better to have a conference team on our doorstep pulling in anyting from 500 people to 4000 people on a good day when we approach future sponsors or a team that has fallen to whatever level that would be demanded should they have no where to play? look at the bigger picture a few grand now or no compition in the future?

I was a board member at the time the Vics groundshare was first negotiated and I totally understand the financial circumstances surrounding that.<br> <br>The debate has been probably the most interesting one and adult one on this website for some time.<br><br>The only tone i dont agree with is, that we are the board, dont say anything out of turn we know best. <br><br>I feel it is a little condescending to say the least!<br><br>As prev stated I think come November we should take up the mantle set by MW and try and capitalise LONG TERM at there expense.<br><br>

If it means MORE MONEY coming into the club then we have to take it whether it is from Vics, Alty or Man Utd. We have to think about ourselves and what is best for US not what harm we could do someone else!

With respect to matchday and the others saying grab the money while we can I have to agree with Jac on this one, longer term security could be gained by sayind no here and letting them fall.

They will probably play at Altrincham instead which chances are would be for only 2 or 3 games. That wouldn’t put them on the critical list I don’t think.<br><br> I see your point though it would be lovely to see them really suffer.