Many thanks witton

On behalf of the 2000 Vics fans who will be regulars at the VS next season I would like to thank you all for enabling us to secure our 27th consecutive season in the Conference and our 37th consecutive season at the top of non league football by renting wp to us for 3 years. It hasn’t been easy but has worked out well in the end, now we must move on to bigger and better things and hopefully towards the football league. Best of luck next season in the Unibond league and hope your finances are not damaged too much without our ground rent.

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm in Mr Greenun’s message?<br><br>

If the man of many aliases can get 2000 people in Northwich interested enough in non-league football to go and watch Vics I think Alan Sugar will be extraordinarily interested when looking for candidates for the next series of "The Apprentice."<br>

Wait and see witton fan, the signs are already looking good! The town and mid cheshire in general is about to be excited by some massive news coming from NVFC!!

Vics fans have been saying that for the best 10 years!!!<br>

Breaking News from the desolated VP, Mike Connett has run out of money and wants to sell everything.<br><br>Rod Stich has been stitched up yet again, all the building work and not paid for it.<br><br>The bookies will soon be taking bets that they will be at Wincham Park again next season

[quote]Wait and see witton fan, the signs are already looking good! ?The town and mid cheshire in general is about to be excited by some massive news coming from NVFC!![/quote]<br>It’s a sign of the times when Northwich staying up becomes "massive news".<br><br>The only way you’ll get 2000 people in Northwich going to watch one of the local non-league teams is if 1600 of them have been produced by your alias-creating factory.<br>

Fao Dreamer<br><br>Monday, April 11, 2005<br> <br>DVNS Update<br>Mike Connett has confirmed that the safety inspections by Cheshire County Council are being arranged for w/c 18/4/05. It is hoped that safety certificates can then be issued by the end of this month clearing the last hurdle for the ground being used next season. This is bringing to an end stage 1 of the ground development.<br><br>Stage 2 consists of the completion of the stand and work on other facilities and amenities.<br>Remember visitors to the site are very welcome but please report to the site office where someone will answer all your questions and take you on a tour.

Stage one completed? congratulations only taken 3 years Hopefully the current problems that ‘’''Mr NV"" has been telling everyone about in Hartford will soon be resolved and stage two can get underway.

Mr P been spreading nasty rumours again eh!! VS on target and ready for August. As for creating 1600 fans, we don’t need to, last 4 home games have seen 3200 vics fans in total- the absentees and new fans will soon total 2000. B e patient and wait and see!!

[quote]last 4 home games have seen 3200 ?vics fans in total[/quote]<br>That’s an outright lie. If you’re being stupid, at least do it honestly.<br><br>[quote]B e patient and wait and see!! ?[/quote]<br>What I’m patiently waiting for is the fulfillment of the prominent claim on the Hallmark MSO web site (<br><br>"We also destroy… virtually anything"<br><br>I can well believe it.<br>

Whata bitter and twisted twit you are. For the record, here are the Vics fans figures for the last 4 games. <br><br>Gravesend - 900 home fans<br>Barnet - 700 home fans<br>Forest Green - 850 home fans<br>Leigh - 750 home fans<br><br> These are approximate figures but the only game which attracted alot of away fans was Barnet whose away contingent was officially 736 + around 100 sitting in the stand. The other games were 90-95% Vics fans.<br><br>Also good to see 1000 Vics fans at today’s game, the future is very much NVFC especially when the green army is reuinted in August.

[quote]For the record, here are the Vics fans figures for the last 4 games. ?

Gravesend ?- 900 home fans
Barnet ? ?- ?700 home fans
Forest Green - ?850 home fans
Leigh ?- ?750 home fans

These are approximate figures
[/quote]<br>By god they are. I say again, do not come on here and lie. We expect stupidity from you, but not untruths.<br><br>[quote]
Also good to see 1000 Vics fans at today’s game
[/quote]<br>Wrong. You’re at it again…<br><br>I think it’s about time you wrote "THE TRUTH HURTS" in large capital letters with a few big smilies after it. You haven’t done that for a while. Come on, you can do it. We’ve missed that sort of thing.<br>

You just cannot accept how insignificant and little you are can you wittonfan. We’ll try again and make it easier for you – Gravesend brought around 20 fans, Barnet brought around 850 fans,FGR brought around 50 fans,Leigh brought 4 fans and Aldershot brought around 300 fans. THEREFORE the last 5 games have seen over 4000 Vics fans in attendance – YES thats well over 3 times as many as you attract at home and we’re playing every game away! The VS will see our crowds increase by upto 50% as the green army is re-united and new fans are introduced to the number 1 non -league club in the north west. Thanks again for the groundshare deal, the pitch now needs thousands spending on it, as does the car-park and there is lots of repair work needed around the ground which has become shabby! Hopefully you’ll have some of the ?80k left that we’ve given you to correct these problems, or has it all been spent in attempting to clinch the 5th play -off spot! – one can only assume that the only way for witton from next season is down, if you don’t make promotion this year then Unibond 1 is staring you in the face!

[quote][Several more incorrect figures]
[/quote]<br>Give up man. It seems that not even your best friends believe your figures. Cut your losses. I’ll say it one more time. You are lying through your back teeth. The incredible thing is that you’re completely shameless about it on a public forum. These messages don’t go away you know. They’ll be around forever. Think about it before you post.<br><br>Now, where’s that "TRUTH HURTS" message…?<br>

You’ll no doubt need all the extra revenue from these extra fans to pay the out of pocket building company, aren’t you the same fella who insisted the VS would "DEFINITELY" be finnished some months ago?..what happened?..<br><br><br>Steve Burr, gone for a Burton…Albion that is…MC will have to get his short arms further into his deep pockets<br><br>Finally where have all these many "LOYAL" fans been hiding when their team were in the mire?

They won’t come to watch their beloved team at WP!!! <br> The big Jessies!!! :slight_smile:

I suppose they could have always travelled to Chester, Macc or Alty, that would have really kept the massive support up

HEY!!! anyone seen our goalposts?

I have them and you can have them back when you pay the ransom [smiley=ranting.gif]