Northwich latest part 2

Not sure whats happened to the other thread so apologies for starting another one. Thought you might be interested in the latest re.VS<br><br>VICTORIA STADIUM<br>Things are speeding up at the new ground at last. <br><br>The plan is to use the stadium with 3 sides open to start with using temporary changing rooms situated behind the goal by the main entrance until the main stand is completed.<br><br>Electricians and plumbers move back in today and bricklayers are already at work.<br><br>The cladding for the roof and sides of the Danebank has been ordered and the contract placed for finishing the work.<br><br>The groundwork continues including work to the drainage system.<br><br>There will be some temporary seating on part of the Danebank.<br><br>The pitch is playable now but will be all the better for further work.<br><br>Some people on site are becoming experts on "The Green Guide" which deals with safety issues.<br><br>It had been hoped to be in the new ground by Xmas but this is not possible. However, it is hoped that it will not be too far into the new year.

Who cares? I don’t

Thanks for that, some lastest news from Wincham Park, its finished…, we still own it, contract signed with our tenants until the end of the season, new young keen manager, first new player signed with Premier league experience, making a working profit, debt reduced by 3/4 in 3 years, banks queing up to do buisness with us, could still do with bigger cups for the halftime bovril though but we’re working on that one.

and you nearly forgot, your still a tinpot outfit with no ambition. FOOTBALL LEAGUE HERE WE COME!

have you not seen the conference table or wot JGG?<br><br>your avin a laugh m8

league tables in december mean nothing!!<br><br>

;DUnfortunately they didn’t mean anything last May either!<br> As Ricky Tomlinson wud say Football League - My A*se!

can i just point a few facts out, you lot keep saying that you r better than us,how?<br>1) northwich have been in the conf since it started<br>2) we r the no1 team in northwich<br>3) we will have a better stadium than you.<br>4) we are more ambtious than you<br>5) we have more fans than you<br>why cant you face the facts that the mighty greens are better than you, so what vics are down at the bottom of the conf (thats because we had 10 points deducted and if we hadn’t we would have been out of the relegation zone) and you are doing well in the unibond, who gives a monkeys your league is rubbish and easy where as the conf and above is difficult, its like saying everton r better that liverpool and man city is better that utd and lets face it their not, northwich will always be bigger and better than you witton rubbish ( i dont want to swear, so u can gather what swear word i really mean), us vics fan r honest.

[quote]can i just point a few facts out, you lot keep saying that you r better than us,how?
2) we r the no1 team in northwich
[/quote]<br>"You claim A is better than B. You’re wrong, and I’ll tell you why. Because B is better than A, that’s why".<br><br>Awesome. It’s always a pleasure to come across (and, let’s face it, be vastly entertained by) such a glowing example of a slightly modified Aristotlean logic.<br><br>Keep 'em coming. How about… "We’re only at the bottom of the league because everyone else is above us".<br><br>Or maybe "League tables in December mean nothing".<br><br>Fantastic stuff.<br>

I think we will win the premiership in 10 years. We are more ambitious than you. You can’t use the 10 points as an excuse cos’ you brought that on yourselves with terrible money management. Deserved realy considering what a disgrace to Northwich as a town you were. Everyone knew you as a joke believe me cos’ i asked.

Don’t like admitting it but Vics Fan is right on all 5 of his points!<br><br>BUT we know who owns our club and assets - As Shareholders WE do. <br><br>Small but important consolation!<br>

No doubt you’ve got thousands of shares mr C!!! and much to say for yourself.

Very true Andy. He could bugger off in six months time and COMPLETELY bankrupt them. Then they wouldn’t be any of the 5.

To quote "vsfan"<br>1) northwich have been in the conf since it started-ok, point taken, some grudging respect for surviving at that level <br>2) we r (sic) the no1 team in northwich-out of your depth in a higher league by default, not so sure about that one… <br>3) we will have a better stadium than you-not convinced it will ever be finished, are you? <br>4) we are more ambtious than you-that’s just funny <br>5) we have more fans than you-so where are they then?<br><br> [smiley=ranting.gif]If there’s one thing above all else that annoys me about the vs it’s that they bear the town’s name and are associated with it far and wide to the considerable shame of us all.<br><br>

NORTHWICH IS ONLY KNOWN COUNTRYWIDE BECAUSE OF NVFC. witton are only famous for being a boil on our ar**!!! 35 seasons at the top level,3 FA trophy finals,many FA cup RUNS. witton - 3 seasons at the top,1 fa trophy final and no famous cup runs apart from 1 first round victory against a now Conference club. GROW UP AND ACCEPT WE ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE BETTER THAN YOU.

…and there I was thinking that the town was famed for it’s salt-mining heritage… ???

Not like wittoners to be living in the past!

[quote]35 ?seasons at the top level[/quote]<br>And never won the league once in that period. That is a record in itself.<br><br>Unless my source is wrong ( you’ve only won a league title once in your entire history - the Cheshire League in 1956/57. That’s almost another record.<br>

So buying the Colne team won you a league title – wow!! the rest is history. wafc RIP

[quote]So buying the Colne team won you a league title – wow!! ?the rest is history. ?wafc ?RIP[/quote]<br>I keep getting told that history is irrelevant with regards to Witton Albion. It’s the here-and-now that matters, I’m told, and Northwich are currently flying high in the top non-league table in the country, or something like that. Or at least they will be. Soon. We hope. Or I presume someone does. They must do, surely? The expectation is there, anyway.<br><br>I don’t remember making a comparison between Witton and Northwich in my post. Do you? To remind you, it’s a couple of messages up from the one you’re reading.<br><br>But now you’ve brought the subject up, isn’t the concept of "buying a league title" exactly what you hope a certain Mr Connett is going to do for you?<br>