Quorn v, Witton

Latest score Quorn 0 Albion 2

3 - 1 up ht


Broadhead on for Pritch

3rd goal Ruffer

C’mon the albion

some half times
glapwell 1 stamford 0
chasetown 1 lairds 0
carlton 3 loughborough 1

v!cs fans SEETHING :angry: that their game has been called off, fans wondering why they have not spent 20k on a heating system for the pitch

chasetown 1 lairds 1
kidsgrove P grantham P

4-1 WITTON :laugh:


ft witton 4 quorn 1
chasetown 2 lairds 1
carlto 3 loughbro 3

must be full time now?

ft glapwell 1 stamford 0

belper were losing 1-0 away to a ten man spalding

Witton’s 4th goal came from Carl Lamb.

Another important win and a well deserved 3 points. The top 5 all won today and Belper were the only team above to not get full points as they were beat at Spalding!!! The win only takes us to 7th but then we are only 4 points off the top.

I thought Ruffer was superb today and without Pritch alongside him for much of the game it was a commanding display. Paul Henry did extremely well in front of the back four and stopped what little Quorn had to offer. They looked poor, but in fairness we were good!

Lamb, Foster and Morgan were excellent and they deserved the goal each that they scored - it’s a good performance when all three strikers score! Foster was very unlucky not to have scored when he hit the post, he looked to have picked his spot perfectly. Their keeper made a good save from a header in the first half. Add those to the goals we did score and we would have ended on six and it would not have been flattering.

Effort levels were very good and despite still being forced into changed formations we looked much more organised this afternoon. Good turn out from the traveling Wittoners, at least 50 there, nearly half the crowd.

We now need to turn this into a run and beat Brigg on Tuesday night, let’s have plenty of fans turn up and give their support.

A big compliment to Quorn on how good their set-up is, nice club house, flat pitch (which although hard and bit weather battered was in good state), nice new stands. Really good little non-league ground although how they manage to survive with an average gate of 124 at £6 a time I’ll never know, less than £750 gate money once a fortnight! Shame though as they have a good set-up to be proud of.

What an absolutely brilliant result well done to all the team, management, and those away wittoners!!! Admirable attacking ambition again playing three strikers it might just be the thing to do in this wretched league well done to GF!!! :woohoo: bloody great!!

The squard more or less picked itself today, as 2 of our non-ccontract players were poached during the week by other clubs.

Sean Doherty has gone to Marine after playing only 20 mins for us, and Lee Neville has gone to Salford.

Another 3pts keeps us in touch but we have to follow it up with another 6 next week.
If we show as much endeavour as we did today we will be alright. The loss of Pritch highlighted what a good alround player Broadhead is as he again slotted in at the back alongside Ruffer who himself had a good game. OK Quorn were pretty poor but you have to beat these teams and we did it on a pitch which was quite hard in places with some good finishing especially the fourth by Lamby. Great support again by the loyal fans and they reminded the manager that MM still has a place at Witton with a couple of " Super Super Mike…" renditions as he assisted Lamby with the 4th goal.

KTF for now

Sean who ? Lee who ?

You are a hard man Eli,max points this week,max points next week.What a difference a win makes to everyones outlook.

Exceptional win today provided by an exceptionally strong squad.Ryan Broadhead is prime example of strength of squad.Out for a month,then comes in and puts in a nitty-gritty performance that is vital to win away from home.Ryan is probably one of those annoying types,good at any sport he tries his hand at.

I think we have set ourselves up for a very good second half of the season.Gary has added two very good forwards to the squad and crucially they have got off to goal scoring starts.


I’m glad I was a*sed to go.
Considering Foster had an excellent volley tipped over and also hit the post it could have been a bigger margin.
The movement up front was impressive and it was great to see Morgan,Foster and Lamb all getting on the scoresheet.Mike maintained the momentum when he came on.
A good all round team performance with special mentions for Ruffer, Henry and Broadhead.
The next four games before we play Glapwell are all against teams lower placed than us.