"ALBION GREATS" Programme Feature

As a new feature in the "Albion Review" for this coming season we are going to have an article featuring a player/personality from Albion’s long and cherished history. <br><br>I’d therefore like to hear from Wittoners whom they’d like featuring. I have around 800 player’s photographs and brief profiles to go at so far so if you come up with whom you consider is worthy of the title then please post your selection(s) here.<br><br>Don’t just think yourself, ask Dads and Grandads cos I may well have their personal choice(s) on file.<br><br>Cheers CHAD (Snr.)

Ken Barnes has to be one of the first to be featured!!

Only one for me the late great Corky Carrick :)<br><br>making me smile just thinking about him playing

Miro Caric makes me smile Col - but I think that was with wind from thinking about the way he played.<br><br>GE<br>

Peter Mellor for me - He has to be one of the first Witton Greats to be mentioned. ;D

I would like you to feature Brian Griffin please

Certainly a GREAT FOUR to start off with - GE you’ll be pleased to know that I haven’t got a photo of Miro anyway.<br><br>Peter Mellor is interesting as I’ve fairly recently got a lot on what he’s been upto in the States the past few years. <br><br>Dave Carrick - well as we’re playing City shortly I’ve actually got in front of me all the info from his Benefit Match when City played their full 1st team.<br><br>Keep them coming and don’t forget to ask a few older relative etc.

I’d ask me dad but he already Bloody knows!!!<br><br>Les Milner?!? Please

As I’m only young, a more recent one:<br><br>Brendan Burke please.

I started watching Witton in Stan Allans era, so I would like to see the profiles on Keith Mason, Karl Thomas and the bulldog of that team Andy Grimshaw.

One interesting fact about Brendan Burke, every team he played in got relagated…

Oggie Oggie please <br><br>and Paddy Daly

Paddy Daly - now there’s a name from the past. <br><br>How about Eli Gorton, Johnny Goryl, Freddie Tabener, Bill Tynan and Chris Nicol.

Jonnie Walker!

big jim mccluskie, his goal against marine remembered forever.

How about a local boy whose Mum did so much for the Club too, Terry Dunn.<br>Alan Lowe.

Ron Carey please. I know he is a green through and through but was he not a goalkeeper for Witton albeit for a short spell?<br> I am sure Ron will "appreciate" the gesture ;D

Mike Lutkevich (yeh i know ive prob spelt it wrong!) also Carl Alford, I ran on the pitch last match of the season and got Carls’ shirt from the season we went to wembley i will treaure for ever!!

Reckon I’ve probably got a whole season’s worth of "greats" names already.<br><br>Tongue in cheek I hope "V" Ron Carey did play for the Albion - ONE MATCH - a 3-3 away FA Cup tie v Congleton on Sept 20th 1947. Regular keeper Jim Bell was in goal for the replay that the Albs won 7-0. Think I’ll use my discretion and omit big Ron from the actual list!!

Would be a great little addition to the articles if it had a ‘where are they now’ piece at the end especially the ones from the late eightys early ninetys would be nice to hear if any are still involved in football or have they just left it behind altogether. Might be good to keep this thread going on that theme, anyone know any ex players and what they are up to?