The fundraising committee are running a race night at the Wincham Park Social Club on Thursday 25th January 2007 with an 8pm start. We will be selling tickets shortly at ?2 each which will get you a pie & peas supper.<br>We have printed out some race sponsor forms that we need to be sold and filled in and returned to us ASAP, so we can have them printed.<br>There will be 8 races, and the forms are available for you to get completed amongst your friends and family.<br>The cost is ?10 to sponsor a race and ?2 each to be an owner and ?2 to be a jockey for the night.<br>We will also need your help to sell spaces on a tri-cast sheet at 50p per square with an ?80 pay-out to the winner on the night.<br>Please help us make this a huge success on the night and help us as much as possible.<br>Please se Len Holman, Andy Lomas. Andy Chadwick or Jim Powell for more details.<br>We also need 16 bottle of wine for the winning owners and jockeys of each race, If anyone could donate them we will make more money, rather us having to buy them<br>Cheers Len

Two bottles of wine from me, will it do on Boxing Day?

Thank you very much Rob, That should start the ball rolling, see you Boxing Day<br>14 more bottles to go [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

I am sure I can find a bottle.<br>WHS.

The Tea Hut Ladies will sponsor a race.<br><br>GE

You are as sad as me GE, on the net and nowhere to go!!! <br>WHS

Thanks Alan & Graham, Thats 13 bottles to go and 5 Race cards, I have given 2 out tonight, i to Jim Vince for the players and 1 to Mark Harris<br>I will soon have sold out [smiley=banane.gif]

I’ll put a bottle in.

2 from me Leonard.

<br>Two bottles of wine from me and Iwill sponsor a race, my wife will also sponsor a race, cheers

I’m sure I could contribute in some way and if you are stuck for tote ticket sellers on the night, I’m in for that!

Three bottles from me and I hope to be at the race night.

Wow, what a very early and positive response thats 11 bottles promised after only 20 hours<br>I can see this being a well supported event<br>Hope Andy L can get enough Pie & Peas ordered<br>Thanks for your replies, and keep them coming<br>Thanks Derek for your offer, we will nedd 4 people on the night to sell the tote tickets, if anyone else wants to volunteer [smiley=banane.gif]

can sort you out with a couple bottles of, chateau le plonk. len ::slight_smile:

Think I could manage a couple of bottles, Mr. the_chair.

If you need any more after all this Len I’ll chip in!<br><br>

Sorry won’t be able to be there, but The Otley Reds will sponsor a race and I’ll put 10 quid towards wine.

What a great bunch of supporters!!!<br>WHS

Len,<br><br>ill put in a couple of bottles of wine or a tenner donation whichever you need.<br><br>colin

Thanks everyone that has pledged bottles and donations, I will be away now on holiday for 1 week.<br>I will see you on Boxing day, with tickets being available @ ?2 each for Pie & pea supper, please get your tickets as soon as possible to give us an idea as to how many pies to order.<br>We have now had enough bottles promised,so if anyone wants to either donate money or be an owner or jockey for one of the races, see me Boxing Day with your ?2, which gives you a chance to win a bottle as a winning owner or jockey.<br>We have also started the Tri-Cast Card circulating around, It is a bargain at 50p per go with the winner getting ?80 on the race night.(At the moment it is with JIM POWELL at JP CERAMICS SHOP) on Middlewich Road Rudheath, so pop in and have a go, Jim will be happy to take your money off you<br>Merry Christmas to you all [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]