Re:To the Board - Sack Gary Finley if he won't resign

agreed with every thing above
Its going to affect the team financialy either way if we keep him or sack him

The attendances WILL drop next season with out a doubt no body wants to watch football that isnt entertaining which is what is happening under Finley

Sacking Finley and hiring some one that understands the game better than him (which to be fair could be any one)
this would obviously be a big drop financialy but maybe the football would be more entertaining which would not bring more fans in but at least keep the current followers watching

It does all come down to money and those who dare to take risks
I understand that mark isnt as well off as we would all hope for and we cant hold that against him coz he took charge when we needed someone the most
But is it time for him to take the risk now.

I have to say I totally disagree with the comments on here. They are way over the top. Mr. Finley is, and never was a favourite of mine but OUR chairman appointed him and I think we should leave it to OUR chairman to decide what we can or cannot do. Our finaces are a mess but we are not in the real mire that comes with spending money you simply have not got. Stick with it, it will be better next season, of that I am sure for we cannot get any worse. We will finish 8th it seems, a slight improvement and we will be in the play offs, a good improvement and we can win this league. As a coach and manager I don’t really believe Mr. Finley is any better or any worse than anyone esle we can get, especially as we will have less money if we sack Mr. Finley and have to pay a new man the same money. £7,000 goes a long way in this league.

My thoughts too!

This post is way off the mark. The figures just dont add up. We need to survive at this level until we have the finances to turn it round. Getting rid of Gary would cripple this club financially.

Gary has many attributes that put him above the normal managers at this level. Not many have his qualifications as a coach, nor his ability to bring in quality players on such a small budget.

Why he has not been successful this season mistifies me, but I know the budget restrictions placed on him have not helped.

I applaud Mark Harris in not following previous Chairmen into falling into the easy decision of upping the players budget in a vain attempt to get promoted. These type of easy decisions can lead to the total loss of the football club (i.e. Chester City etc).

I would prefer to finish 8th in the league, rather than spend stupid money and get promoted only to find us being in the High Court entering administration next season, and going into oblivion.

We need to survive!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, which is making the most of a move to a new ground. The sooner this happens the better. Until then, we need to stick together and stop all this back biting.

Believe in the Chairman to make the right decisions. I have known Mark since 1992 when he was the commentator on the official video of the Wembley weekend.

He is a straight talking person, and I trust him to make the right decisions. He also has so much vision of todays game in his role of Chairman of the Unibond League.

Put all this infighting to bed and get behind the Chairman, and more importantly the Chairmans’ decisions.

This thread is so damaging to any of our playing staff who we wish to retain for next season.

Please stop whinging and get behind what we have. Mark is most probably the most approachable Chairman in football. By all means speak to him on Saturday about your concerns, but please do not continue this negative thread, as don’t forget, our players also read the posts on our forum.

Our Chairman was over the moon to secure Gary as a Manager, and was so pleased to secure him on a 2 contract. We need to back Mark on his vision for the future, and that Witton will gain promotion next season.

Sorry to rant on so much, but I believe that so much negativity on this thread is so damaging to the club.

TT, totally disagree with your comments.

Posts like this are not damaging the football club, posts like this are by passionate Witton fans (and shareholders) who can see the damage that is being done to this club under the current manager.

Mark may have been delighted to appoint Gary Finley, but Mark wont always be associated with this club, WE will. What Mark thinks is best for Witton Albion wont always correspond with what the fans feel is best for the club, and at the end of the day Mark is responsible to the fans and shareholders. Too many fans now want Gary out of the club. He has failed miserably this season, and since the new year has overseen as many embarrassing and gutless performances as he has above-average ones (perhaps 3 ‘good’ performances in 2010 so far?).

In the new year we were still in touch with the leaders, and a title challenge looked a good possibility. We are now 8th, and can be overtaken by Stamford.

The players Gary has been able to field are more than good enough for this level, and have proved that in beating Mickleover and Sheffield.

The budget we started the season with, and which was then topped up with supporter donations, was more than competitive for this level.

I agree with Stu in that gates will continue to fall next season.

If Gary doesnt leave now then i seriously think this club is going to go into a decline which it may never recover from.

And as for players reading this, then let them. This is a football club who’s fans care deeply about the well being of Witton Albion. If these players don’t want to play for passionate fans who want success, if they dont want to play at as good a ground as you’ll see at this level, and if they can claim to have given us value for money this season, then i wont lose any sleep if we do fail to retain them.

TT, you ask for the fans to pull together. It just wont happen whilst the current manager is in charge. It is so so easy to see that.

Love the passion, hate the negativity. Players play for money not for the love of the club they happen to be with; that only happens when they have played for the club for a few seasons, which does not apply to most footballers at ALL levels. You lot ARE the Club, if you give up, or just become negative then we really should consider amalgamating with Vics!! I have never been a fan of Mr. Finley but he is OUR manager and as such should get our backing for better or for worse. If he fails next season, and I am not sure he will, then he will be gone, but Witton and you lovely lot will still be here and with no massive debt around the neck.

Totally agree with TT and WHS. Its way over the top.

I think we should stick with Gary and build from 8th position. I think we need a good assistant manager who is good at motivating the team and will help the link between players and Gary. Somebody who doesn;t cost the earth and that has his heart in the club i.e. Nigel Deeley.

Lets get behind Mark and support him in whatever decision he makes. He is an excellent chairman and a top bloke.

If your a 100% Wittoner you will be here next season whoever the manager is.

OK - You all know my views on Mr Finley but if the chairman thinks that he has made the right decision in appointing him and giving him a 2 year contract then lets go with it. If fans stay away because of Finley ( there may not be many ) then that is their perogative. If things work out ok and we do well next season then this will all be fogotten

BUT if it all goes pearshaped again next season not only Finley but the chairman will be getting roasted too.

Do we want that ?

Can he take that chance ?

Personally I think not - but I will be having an OAP ST next season so I will only be paying half the price :laugh:

A quiet way to protest about the manager would be for as many fans as possible to turn up on saturday with their white hankies and wave them for all the game no matter what the score is !

YAZZY97 wrote:

Or Lee Coathup? Whatever happened to him…

‘who is good at motivating the team’ - isn’t that what we pay a manager for??

As stated earlier, Mark might think Gary is the right man for the job, but if the vast majority of Witton fans disagree then there is only one outcome.

If Gary is leaving in a years time then he may aswell go now. The longer he stays the more the club is being harmed, his presence is causing massive infighting and disagreement. The fact is that he isnt the right man for this club, so why waste another 12 months on him?

Let’s say he does build a successful team next season, and then leaves. I would expect he would take his team with him, and then what happens? We are in the same situation we were in 2 seasons ago. We could end up going backwards even further than we are now.

At the minute people are finding better things to do on Saturdays. You can’t criticise people for that. It doesn’t mean they have stopped being Wittoners. You go because you enjoy it, if you stop enjoying it then you stop going. You can’t expect people to turn up to watch football they dont enjoy, at their own expense, when there are other things that they can be doing with their time. We have to be realistic about this, it is NOT a compulsary duty to be there week in and week out.

Never mind guys, Come and do some painting,joinery or general cleaning with us wrinkles or JP’s belles over the closed season. We will be there with paint brushes etc with grateful thanks to Sir JP for lending us a Zimmer frame.
We want stadium to look pristine for the next season and look forward to promotion.
Meanwhile let’s leave hiring and firing to chairman.I have complete faith in his judgement and modus operandii.
ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL.[unshamedley borrowed from the film 3 musketeers !!]

WE LOVE YOU WITTON.XXX :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Will Finley be there Vi8 seeing as he gets paid in the summer ?

Now that is heavy Eli !!

If Gary is staying on as manager next season which looks likely now then maybe someone can suggest to him to start initiating better contact with the fans by coming out in the Guardian or on the website and stating

What he has learnt from this season?
What he feels has gone wrong?
What he plans to do to gain promotion next season?
What areas of the team need to be improved?
What players he has in mind for next season?

I think that if you are either for or against Gary then something like this may give us a bit more confidence that he actually has some idea what he is doing. I think that this is the least that the fans deserve.

This really needs to be done now and not let to drift until next season. If Gary wants to be a success at this club then he needs to start rebuilding the relationship with the fans first (if thats still possible).

Sorry Nick, I don’t want a close relationship with the manager whoever he is, I just want one who wins football matches. I don’t want Mr. Finley to explain what went wrong or what he plans to do to put it right, I just want him to be a massive success because if he is so will Witton. As for him taking all the players with him if he wins the league and moves on, there is nothing new in that, ask Jim Vince! We have to accept that any player who does really well for us will be a target for clubs with more money or in a higher league,but it works both ways, Clubs below us or who cannot pay what we can pay, or whose facilities are not up to ours will be targeted by us, that’s how football works; that’s why Ronaldo is at Real Madrid, it’s why Adabeyor is at City and it’s why Torres probably won’t be at Liverpool next season. When it comes to loyalty there is only one Pritch!!
WHS. (and Mike, get well soon mate).

The topic of the manager is really dividing the club and thats a shame.
I side with Robbo on this as we need to arrest our slide.He’s right because if we continue with what we have now the gates will go right down and we could end up in NW counties. We’ve seen in recent times that success on the field will up the crowd by a good 100-150. We need a manager who can manage on a shoestring and use resources for maximum affect.
Its over to Mark and the board to make a decision on this but to be fair if we keep Gary on it needs to be made clear to fans why, and what is intended for next season.I think I would be a little worried at paying £8.50 to watch a repeat of the souless performances this season and judging by the dramatic fall in gates a lot of our fans are finding other interests. Think this has already been alluded to by Robbo. I can accept us not doing well if we have a team of 11 tryers! That has not been evident this season and the manager has to take the blame just like a manager working in a business!!
I respect the loyalty of the guys who think otherwise.Football is all about opinions and I’m afraid I’m in the Gary must consider going club.

I am sure the chairman will do the right thing MONA - £7000 well spent ?

Probably time to drop this now until after the weekend. The last game of the season shouldnt be played under a cloud.

Let’s see what Sunday morning brings.

On a side note, i havent always been Peter Heler’s biggest fan, but i have to say i think his effort has been top drawer recently. I hope he is one of the few to stick around next season and show us what he can do when his season isnt interrupted by injuries and illness.

With Pritch, Heler and Mike Moseley we already have a good start on a good team for next season. Ten or twelve more like them and we will walk this league next season.

From what has been said previously totally agree with Robbo and Mona.

I have not missed a closing season home game in 11 years .This year I am off work and am choosing not to attend and am seriously thinking about not renewing my season ticket!

Mark sack Finley if he won`t resign!

Not coming and supporting your team will do nothing to help the overall situation.