Supporters Team


Myself, Greg, and Greenie are looking at possibly putting a Witton Albion supporters team in the John Deane 6-a-side league.

We are looking for a squad of 10.

The games are played on Sunday afternoons. Match fees will be about ?3 a player, but we are looking to have it as ?5 each, and then what’s over at the end of each season goes towards having a team night out (possibly at Witton’s club).

The only stipulation we are thinking of putting in place is that each person picks up a Witton tracksuit from the club shop. Team uniform!

So, any interest??

Interested, yes. Invited, no.

Performed like a German pensioner did ya?

Put me down for the Sheringham role!

Which Sheringham role is that?

Precociously talented link man, or…

Not playing any football, and sh4gging lots of 20 year old models?


No Stu, you’re not better than Robbo. That’s just silly.

Even im better than you Stu,remember Moss Farm when Fleetwood got cancelled ?!!

So we have Chad pencilled in as the token old geezer upfront, Big Stu as the Nicky Tanner type donkey at the back, Yox as the tanned latino playmaker type(!).

Neil? Crouchy? Si Gregory?

just out of interest when is it played?

Sunday afternoons. Think the hours are between 2.30 and 6.

However, my able assistant Greenie is getting complete details.

Watch this space!

I would be certainly interested in helping in someway, however Sunday’s are difficult due to playing in the mornings…would love to see a witton supporters team…especially as I had the privilage of playing against V*cs supporters club last year and putting 9 past them with out the hint of a reply in a freindly for my previous club.

I have managed, secretaried, qualified refffed and am also level 2 coach, coach with the juniors and contemplating returning to the commitee of the ECSFL league next season

Bit out of the way of Witton but a pitch in Knutsford would clinch it.

No idiots, no fights and a decent standard with last seasons Andy Hurst firing goals in for fun for the Drum & Monkey.

Failing this I can arrange freindlies against my current club

Please let me know if you neeed any help

Great to see a bit of interest already. And any help we need we will be sure to ask.

just to clarify one slight thing, we might not end up being very good!! But that isn’t the point. We’re just going to have a laugh, and if it somehow raises a bit more interest into the club then brilliant.

Hi all,

There is currently a season underway in the Northwich league which finishes on March 11, so presumably the new season will start a couple of weeks after that. We get 8 shirts free after we have completed 2 games in the league. However, there is no guarantee of what colour these shirts will be. If we get green, that would be a catastrophe. With that in mind, I will plead with the league to sort us some red and white (or even yellow) shirts, but is there anything the club can do (Neil :slight_smile: ) to help us out?

Anyone who wants to play, please give me a definitive ?YES? asap.

Here are some brief rules regarding players, the general rules are available on

Game duration is 13 minutes each way

There shall be 9 players maximum per squad in one night

You are allowed an unlimited squad. You can have however many people in your squad as long as you only turn up with 9 of them on the night and as long as your players do not play for any other teams in the league. Players caught playing for more than 1 team will be banned from the league. You do not need to register all your players with us.

So far I have:


Robbo, getting a bit old for this but will give it a go.
Me and Dave Johnson at the back like the good old days.


Can everybody who definitely wants to play send me their contact details


Full Name
Telephone Number
What position you play



The more people that sign up for this the less need for me (and little Stu!) to play - which will be a bonus!!!


It’s great that there’s been so much interest already though.

Yeah go on then lads put me down for the (god im going to say this) old slighty plump Nev Southall role. Beat u to it Robbo.

The only word i wouldn’t of used in that sentance is ‘slightly’



Put crouchie down for the Stamford Role - Daniels wasn’t it! ;D

Count me in! Every team needs a sick note ;D

I could carry the sick bucket when some of these guys find out you have to runaround a bit :wink:


Firstly, thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in this. It was just a random thought whilst sat in the pub so it’s good it has actually taken shape!

We have now registered with the Soccer 6 League. The league at John Dean’s doesn’t start for about 6 weeks yet, but they have offered us matches at middlewich for the next couple of weeks. I have declined for this Sunday as i couldn’t get enough people together at short notice, but may look at doing something next week.

I think we have about 12 people who have signed up at the moment. If anybody else wants to get involved then please do so. Any other help would be appreciated also as we progress.

Anyway, i’ll keep updating on here for those who are interested. It’s either that or i’m constantly sending out a dozen text messages to people!

Hopefully see everyone at the game tomorrow. Come on Witton!