Tennants not paying

Heard today that we have not been payed for the last 3 games the tennants have played at Wincham Park. Said it before and will say it again kick them out before they slip further behind we will end up with nothing and will have done them the biggest favour anyone could possible give for nothing.

Get the money up front, one lump sum for the rest of the season, or f*#k 'em off!!<br><br>Incidentally, doesn’t defaulting on football debts put them in breach of some regulations?<br>And are they subject to a CVA? If so, the terms will decree that they have to pay all dues immediately, otherwise they are in breach of it and will be wound up forthwith.

What a load of petty minded prats you lot really are! Have you lot not got anything better to do than bitch the VICS off all the time?<br>Just let me remind that there is a takeover going on and that we are at the most important stage in the clubs history. So i’m sure you will get your money soon enough.<br><br>Sooner we get away from the swamp the better!! [smiley=ranting.gif]

Pregnant dog! Like it 8)

At the last Board metting they were fully paid up, don’t think they have played at home since!<br><br>Rumours again

So i’m sure you will get your money soon enough. <br><br> Not what the rest of the creditors are being told<br><br>Sooner we get away from the swamp the better!! <br><br>my argument completely

We have a contract with them, they are paying there money, we are making money out of them, so why be in breach of a contract and face the legal implications. Sorry I cannot understand where you are all coming from. <br><br>How do you think we have just signed Ryan Baker, not with the money we receive from the gate, we are well behind on our budget forecasts.<br><br><br>I must be missing something here, what we have is a sound business deal and thats all the Board are interested in<br>

Sound in the short term, only if you are getting the money in and yes you are missing something Rob the opportunity to make Witton the bigger team in town

Oh and by the way, wasn’t a rumour it’s amazing what you can learn when you buy certain people the odd drink. dosen’t have to be a witton director I’m talking about either

Can we take it that if Northwich have not paid then THEY are in breach of contract and must face the legal implications? Assuming of course that Jac’s source is correct.<br><br>And as for the comment from JBW, I’m absolutely staggered! So, it’s ‘petty minded’ to expect to be paid for providing a service, for which a contract has been signed? Unbelievable!! Then again, from a Northwich fan . . .

[quote]Sound in the short term, only if you are getting the money in and yes you are missing something Rob the opportunity to make Witton the bigger team in town[/quote]<br><br>Face the facts Jac Witton will never be the major football club in the town! Never have been and never will be. And if witton ever did make it bigger than the VICS then i am sure most of us would wish you all the best.<br>Witton are playing well so focus all your support on them instead of spreading more gossip.<br>

Point one, if NV had not paid, or were in arrears, they would not be playing at home today. So the rumour about not paying is quashed.<br><br>Point two, when they went in Administration, the company dealing withit, the same ones who dealt with us, gave an assurance that THEY would pay the ground hire charge, thats been done.<br><br>Point three, don’t no who you bought a drink for, but they obviously didn’t know the facts, all assumption once again.<br><br>Point four, how do we make Witton the biggest club in town, cot off our own noses and stop taking the money. The only way to make Witton the most successful club in town is for all those Wittoners who stay at home week after week to come down, support the team and the Club and get gates of 600 - 700, then we could go places.<br><br>I repeat the Ground Hire arrangement we have with Northwich is a sound business deal, we might even look for new tenants next season, who knows.<br><br>Why don’t we get on looking after WA and let them get on with there Club. They will survive, so in the meantime let us keep drawing the money.

Why are we so interested in their administration?<br>We should have all the details of how it works from our time in it - it’s not that long ago.<br>I wonder who will end up paying most to the respective creditors - be careful what you say as it might be them from what I’ve heard and we don’t want them coming on here and rubbing our noses in that as well.<br>We’ve had the upper hand over the summer but they are in for a lot of publicity in the coming months and we need to be aware of that.<br>Think before we write or we’ll just look a bunch of jealous moaners to the outside world.

WELL SAID, witton need to do what’s best for them and ignore Vics. The groundshare deal is a business oportunity that cannot be missed and like RB says without the extra money no new players can be signed. As regards witton aspiring to be the number one club in the town- that is going to be impossible in the forseeable future, Vics are now going to get bigger and better than they have been for some years,witton therefore need to forget then and concentrate on thier own affairs. As for trying to get gates of 600/700 back, again impossible, the hardcore is now 200/250 those alleged wittoners who don’t support them anymore are no-more. Time has moved on, many unforunately arn’t with us any more and others have found other things to do on a saturday, the best witton can aim for is around 400. Unfortunatley for witton, vics appear to be on the up, fantastic new stadium,big cash injection, full-time football!! all new and up and coming fans are clearly going to watch the senior team in town and just like the last 35 yrs, that i’m afraid is Vics.

This supposed "fantastic" new stadium will look rather empty won’t it? Have Northwich ever filled Wincham Park?<br><br>And as for JBW saying Witton never have been the top team in town, what a selective memory he has (and I’m not talking about the short period in the early 90s either). Dear oh dear. Have another try, JBW. Do they not teach you history at school these days?<br>

Topic closed. This a Witton forum not a V*cs forum

Not many people do ancient history at schools any more.

Yet again we are looking at the short term gain of their rental income.<br><br>Any budget forecasts that were done surely only took into account the groundshare up to November?!?<br><br>It would be great to see someone have the balls to say to NVFC(2004) that they have to find somewhere else to play. I’m sure there would be massive implications to them via the Conference re. Not being able to fulfill fixtures etc.<br><br>It could certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons with regard to Full time football. BUT IT COULD BE THE ONLY WAY TO PREVENT THEM CONTINUING TO BE THE PREMIER TEAM IN THE TOWN.<br><br>Act Now.

The last paragraph of the last post sums you lot up nicely. You are desperate to emulate us and would do anything to try and catch us. You are lower than a rattlesnakes belly in a wheel rut!! Jealousy, envious,bitter and twisted – if you want to catch us DO IT THE RIGHT AND PROPER WAY, problem is that none of you will live long enough!! Nuff said.

Since when have you known anything about doing things the right and proper way? Stayed in the Conference the wrong way after finishing bottom and broke the rule over groundsharing for 2 years maximum. Try doing things the proper way yourselves before judging everyone else.