The EVO-STIK League

Does that mean we are now " stuck " in this league ?

Yes, and will we be wearing a kit like this in the Evo-Stik league divison one south next season?

NICE ! Probably better with black shorts ?

Probably, but I doubt the club would go “back to black”!

Not sure about the wonky stripes…but we should definately revert back to black shorts.

As long as we dont “stick” in this league I not bothered what we wear!

Is that really the new strip? It’s bloody awful! :angry:

My lads say the shirt looks AWESOME.If young lads say it looks good then we would probably sell quite a few.It is time for a bit of black in the kit and this is coming from someone who votes BNP.

It is time to move away from our yellow kit.I just hope that turnstyle operator who wore that Vics scarf does not make any suggestions as to what it should be.

Wonky strip looks very camp and don’t like it. More “Sex And City” than The Albs.
Also,it looks like something jockeys wear. :wink: :wink: :wink:

I like it…

Bring back the black shorts though. Is there some sort of obstacle that prevents us wearing black shorts these days?

black shorts better




Wasn’t supposed to be that many of them… Jesus.

Ok left Pegger we get the point, am liking the black shorts and black trim on the shirts.


Love the home shirt - as Luigi’s brother says if it appeals to the younger generation then all well and good!

Hate the powder blue away one though! I am not aware that we have elected to change our away colour yet - perhaps Graham Shutt could clarify?

Andy Chad wrote:

I think it’ll be similar to the current away shirt.